SEO is still important for businesses to help improve the ranking of websites. It is done by increasing the website’s visibility when people search on any search engine like google, safari, or other search engines for services or products relevant to your business. The better the web page’s visibility in the search results, the more the chances you will have to gain attention and attract audience and customers towards your business.

Our team uses modern SEO services, backed by the best digital practices, to increase your traffic & rankings for vetted keywords and long-tail phrases that drive business to your site. You’re probably here because you want to be found online.

We know that feeling all too well, which is why we are zBlogging – an SEO agency with an eye for detail and the expertise to make sure your site gets noticed by Google. Our team of experts will work tirelessly to help you get more traffic & rankings for vetted keywords and long-tail phrases that drive business to your site. It’s time to take control of your digital presence.

Let us handle the hard stuff so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business! From content creation, social media marketing, link building campaigns, technical audits & keyword research – our team has got it covered. Plus, we offer monthly reporting so you always know where things stand at any given moment in time. Ready? Let’s go! Contact us today about our services or sign up for a free consultation call now.

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Why SEO is Still Important?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website through organic or non-paid search engine results. Search Engine Optimization Services are important because you want your business website to show up on the first page on Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc. When people come across your site they should be able to find what they need right away without having to look too far into it.

Nearly 93% of web traffic occurs on search engines. If you want your website to be found, you need to be indexed on major search engines and ranked highly. Some other facts about Google and search engines in general:

  • 75% of searchers won’t click past the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Google processes over 5.8B searches/day.
  • Google processes over 2T searches/year.
  • The avg. click-rate of position 1 in search results is 19.3% and position 2 is 10.57%.
  • Every year, between 16-20% of all searches are brand new. They have never been searched for before.
  • 60% of Google searches are performed on mobile devices.
  • Google has 95% of the mobile search engine market in the U.S.
  • About 33% of mobile Google searches are location-related.
  • 50% of “near me” queries result in a store visit.
  • 7 out of 10 Google searches for food occur on mobile devices.
  • 46% of product searches begin on Google.
  • Google is the dominant search engine with 92% market share.

What’s included in our custom SEO packages?

Like any cleaning or laundry company, there are several and various packages and services according to the people’s needs or preferences. Similarly, there are also some SEO services packages designed according to the people’s choice.

In this modern time, so many SEO agencies have emerged and offered various SEO packages with different services and price tags. It can become difficult for the person to choose a suitable company for himself. Some SEO companies and consultants may offer you such deals, which may seem out of the box and fantasize you, while others will create tailored and customized applications for you.

We are here to solve this issue for you. Our approach to the SEO service packages is based on the complexity of the website, the authority, the context of your competition, and all the effort needed to do all this. Here we will offer you customized SEO packages that will be made and tailored according to the person’s budget and requirements.

Our primary purpose here is to help the website owners attract the audience and traffic to their site. We will help them get the desired quality needed by various searching engines in ranking these days. Moreover, this will help your website on the front page and the targeted audience’s eyes over the browsers.

If you wish to rank your website, then XIHAWKS should be your foremost choice, as we will help you get this done in no time. Furthermore, it enables you to improve the landing page, which will surely impress the audience. all in all, XIHAWKS will optimize your website while keeping all the google algorithms in mind.

Technical SEO improves the ranking by keeping all the search engine guidelines in mind. XIHAWKS will help you make suitable improvements to get better rankings for your website and the best SEO strategy.

Link building can help you achieve all your goals by getting the perfect ranking for your web pages. The more backlinks you have, the more prominent you will be. The search engine algorithms will quickly identify your page and thus rate you higher than before. XIHAWKS will be the best to help you here.

We also offer other SEO services like local SEO, e commerces SEO, different SEO strategies, competitor analysis, and much more in reasonable pricing and designed according to people’s requirements. And indeed, XIHAWKS will not disappoint you.

SEO Services that increase traffic and increase revenue

A clear understanding of SEO is crucial to increase traffic and your brand awareness among people. At this time, people are in search of the same content as you. You can help them out by becoming SEO experts. Almost 40 percent of the traffic starts with a search query. So, in this case, search engine optimization SEO is essential.

Here we will provide you some SEO techniques that will help you increase the traffic in the right way. Because by this way you would be able to convert people into customers too. So let’s get started.

complete SEO audit on your web page:

auditing your website will help you investigate why you are not getting the right traffic and sales. In general, an audit is just like an exam of an event or a concept or event to check where you are standing and how you can make better decisions in the future. This technique will help you gain customers and online visibility, consequently increasing the income. this process also helps increase sales by helping you make the best use out of all the content and fix all the issues related to SEO.

know peoples demand:

every tool, device, or platform you use has only one purpose: to gain data from the audience and help build a better and stronger search engine. The main key point is to focus on the demands of customers. When you understand what they want, automatically, you can make content that will attract them. This is why the feedback holds great importance as it guides you on which content will attract the customers the most.

have an SEO optimized landing page:

a well-designed landing page can help improve your sales and traffic by impressing the people. The more landing pages you have, the more website traffic you can attract to your web page.

make your SEO website mobile-friendly:

it is crucial to make sure that your website performs well and looks impressive on desktop computers and laptops, but also mobile devices. The site needs to be more mobile-friendly. This significantly helps boost up the search rankings for the website while will gain more website traffic.

grow traffic with infographics:

well, infographics mean the information related to graphics. Infographics are popular because it helps you show a complex data straightforwardly and understandably. As a majority of people are visual learners, a representation can do much more as it looks more attractive as compared to a text paragraph.

write at least 1447 words:

numerous studies and experiments showed that almost 11.8 million searches on google and the first pages always had 1447 words. Increasing the word count won’t help you get on the top but will help you get closer. So to gain more website traffic and hit number one, it is best to have 1447 words on your web page. On page SEO and off page SEO is also a key factor to keep you up to the mark on the google search results.

How our SEO team can help you?

Our SEO team and SEO company will help you attract the audience and gain customers by the proper keyword research and search engine rankings and build up your web page according to the proper on-page optimization and organic search results. Well SEO plays a significant role in building up a local business into a perfect SEO-optimized company. We are here to contribute significantly to your business’s analysis and successful growth to make it up to mark in the google search results by using the right and successful SEO strategy. Our SEO company is one of the best SEO companies, which provides SEO services, SEO specialists, and relevant keywords for your content. We provide you with qualified leads and the best SEO practices that will improve your sales, income, visibility, and impression in no time. Our SEO team can help you by providing you the best SEO tactics and professional SEO services at very reasonable prices. Success will be guaranteed.

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