20 Magic Words to Improve your SEO

SEO is not the most important thing for a blog. Still, it doesn’t hurt to use words and expressions that help improve positioning. Today I’m going to show you 20 Magic Words to Improve your SEO.

Without being an SEO expert you can get a couple of new visits if you make use of some “magic” words and expressions. This is a very basic trick since it is based solely on directing users to the blog using those combinations of searches that are among the most popular on the Internet.

No doubt search engines are an important source of traffic for a website. Even so, it is not good to become obsessed with positioning because there are more important factors.

Key Factors apart from SEO to Have a Successful Blog

  • Quality and Quantity of Content: There is the dilemma of the blogger about the focus on the quality or quantity of posts. We must find a balance between entries that stand out and others of less quality that serve as a complement to create a critical mass of content for the blog.
  • Proof of Publication: A person who discovers your blog and is satisfied with your content wants more from you. Without publishing 2 to 3 new entries every week, it is difficult to increase a base of loyal readers who return repeatedly to your blog.
  • Open to Criticism: Nobody is perfect and the best writer in the world has the potential for improvement. Unfortunately, many bloggers when they reach a certain level think that the only truth that exists is published in their entries. Ignoring criticism and continuing to learn success can only be of short duration.

Keyword Combinations with a High Number of Searches

The 20 magic words and expressions that I have listed in this post are part of some popular search engines. They can be combined with many terms that adapt to virtually any theme or any niche.

So here are 20 Magic Words to Improve your SEO

1. How to improve / Increase / Change / Achieve.

2. Definition + x (any term).

3. Translation + x (add languages, eg English to Spanish).

4. Wikipedia + x (any term).

5. Book + x (author / theme / movie)

6. Rumors + x (celebrities, artists, politicians, singers)

7. Photo + x (house, car, city, famous)

8. Advice on x (any subject).

9. x Manual (any product).

10. Best + x (songs, books, goals)

11. Top 10 + x (artists, cars, games)

12. Tricks + x (especially video games)

13. Prices and rates + x (especially any type of service).

14. Key factors + x (especially business-related topics).

15. Reasons for + (health, love, finance)

16. Errors + x (any subject).

17. Download free PDF + x (thematic, beware of copyright)

18. Online course (free) + x (training topics).

19. What is + x? (any term).

20. Meaning of + x (any term).

Tips to Make Use of Popular Keywords in your Post

Before using these magic keywords make sure you have to understand the intent of the keyword.

For Example: If someone searches a keyword “best electric shaver for sensitive skin” it’s mean that the person wants or interesting in buying an electric shaver. And If someone searches a keyword like “how to use electric shaver” than it means the person has already a shaver and he wants to know how to use it.

The best results are obtained with practice. Each blog is different so there are no rules that adapt 100% to everyone. Taking into account the following 3 points I have been able to obtain the best results:

Combine the keywords with lists: When I started I had a travel blog. Post among other posts that positioned 10-20 keywords in an entry. One of the articles was called “Gas Prices in Europe” and was a list that contained the cost for each country.

That is how visits came for the keyword “gasoline prices” in combination with the different countries (eg “Germany gasoline price”).

Include the terms frequently in posts: With many of the combinations, you attack the long queue of searches. It means that it does not generate a brutal increase in visits from day tonight. The trick is to increase this type of search engine traffic consistently with as many entries as possible in which this technique is applied.

Do not force use: It does not always make sense to include one of the combinations. Forcing it the quality of the content suffers and does not contribute to the loyalty of existing readers. Maybe you increase your Google traffic by 5-10 daily visits but at the same time, you lose users who return to your blog on a recurring basis.

The proposed list is not complete. Depending on the subject, there may be keywords that make more sense than the proposals. What are the terms you propose in addition to those proposed? How do you apply these 20 Magic Words to Improve your SEO?

Leave a comment below and tell me. So I hope you liked this information please share it with others and please leave a comment below if you have any question about these 20 magic words.

Hamza Hashim

I'm a Freelancer having skills in SEO and Social Media Marketing with over three years of experience in these fields. I have worked for many brands. I have helped businesses to gain higher visibility in search engines. I am familiar with carrying out SEO optimization practices from small to large companies.

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