Do you know about the exemplary performance of particular keywords, which keywords you are using are best to thrive organic traffic to your website, and most importantly, how your content is paying regarding your business goals? If you do not know and cannot tell precisely how your respective content is contributing and helping your business, or you are just making random guesses. Then it is time for you to conduct a professional website audit to ensure the health and growth of your business.

Well, a website audit is simply like taking your automobile or car to a shop or workshop for tuning or going to a dentist every three months for a thorough cleanup. Since the website is constantly changing with time with the change in content to meet the requirements provided by the search engines and audience. this type of evolving means audit is necessary to ensure that the search engine optimization marketing criteria are working correctly. And it is also attracting qualified traffic to your website.

Suppose you have been running and working on your website for the last five months without a website audit. In that case, you need a proper professional SEO audit for your website. a thorough online SEO audit looks like a website’s technical framework, on-page, and off-page elements, and aspects that play a role in SEO online visibility.

benefits of a website audit:

  • Website Performance Optimization

Website audit indicates and evaluates the content of a website and its performance in search engine results. As a result, an audit allows you to inspect the health and fitness of your website’s technical infrastructure. Also, it helps you assess how friendly your website is to several search engines and calculate how easy it is for the audience to interact with your website and find your content. 

  • Search Engine Optimization SEO

By running a website audit, you will find any missing SEO opportunities and clear and rectify any wrong or misguided SEO operations like keyword stuffing, wrong internal linking, and keyword usage throughout the entire content. 

It also helps you focus on the SEO efforts to attract the audience first and the search engines secondly. This will help maintain your ranking on google according to the suitable algorithms. 

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Website audits help enable you to reexamine the potency of the website. As a result, you can easily spot the over-excessive opportunities to convert the audience into leads so you can add relatable CTAs. You can also identify the flaws in your landing pages which will help optimize the website.

  • Competitive evaluation

Operating a website audit will enable you to compare your website with your competitors. You can now analyze your ranking with keywords with your competitors and also find sources for more revenue. Ultimately, this will help you think of new ways and tactics to enhance your site.

  • Identifying Issues

When you run a website audit, you can easily and quickly identify the problems that may cause SEO and conversions. With the help of an audit, you can repair the issues diverting the traffic or target audience on your site. 

So you can see that assessing the content and technical part of your website will help open up more chances to improve traffic and conversions produced by your website. 

What is an SEO site audit?

Well, the main question here is, what is an SEO website audit? We are here to answer you. An SEO audit is a process to determine how good your web page presence relates to the best practices. It is the first step for creating a performance plan with exceptional and measurable results in return.

The primary purpose of the audit is to find out as many issues that may be affecting the search performance and search results. the SEO audit will help reveal the following things:

  • the technical search engine optimization (SEO) issues
  • website structure flaws and technical issues
  • on-page issues
  • off-page issues and problems
  • user interaction and traffic issues
  • content gap and other opportunities
  • competitive marketing sighting and ranking.

So an audit is a standard process that should take place daily as it is essential for the health and performance of your website. It also helps increase its online presence in front of the search engine crawlers and maintain healthy digital marketing.

SEO audits: The off-page factors affecting your SEO

The most crucial factor as far as SEO is concerned is links. Well, not only links affect the SEO of a website. here we are giving you a list of some off-page factors apart from links that may affect the SEO of a site:

several linking domains:

the number of domains that are related to your site is one of the essential ranking points.

the number of linked pages:

no doubt, there can be several links of a specific domain attached to your site.

page ranking of a linking page:

not all pages are equal. Linking on pages with a higher page rank will be more significant than those with a low page rank. So, it would be best if you opted for building links from high pg rank pages.

link relevancy:

links from pages that are relevant to your page topic carry more relevance for search engines.

importance of the authority of linking domain:

similar to a pages page rank, the control of the domain is also a ranking factor. So, for this reason, a link from a low page rank page on a high page rank website will have more worth than a lower page rank one.

links from the homepage:

similarly, some SEO specialists believe that links from a home page of a linked domain have more importance and strength than those on its pages.

The number of do-follow and no-follow links:

Google states that they do not count the no-follow links. Therefore, the number of do-follow links affects the rankings.

diversity of link pages:

the type of links that matter a lot that you build to your website. If too many links of the same type may have a harmful impact on your site’s ranking and may be indicated as spam.

link anchor:

anchor text of a link is a vital ranking factor. So it can be used as a website spam scale which may negatively impact the site’s ranking.

How long does a website audit take to complete?

Different types of audits take an additional amount of timing. Some audits take a few hours to complete, while some detailed audits pass through 160 checkpoints. For larger websites that have to conduct a thorough SEO audit process, it is not unusual for the website audit report to take 2 to 3 weeks to complete the whole process. For a relatively more minor website, checking whether the website is appropriately performing or not, the audit report might take around 2 to 3 days to conduct.

Not #1 in Search Results? Get Answers With SEO Audit Services

here are some ways that will help you get in the top searches of the search results by using an SEO audit service:

  • deliver relevant and authentic content:

quality, genuine and authorized content is one of the most critical factors that can help increase search engine ranking. There is no substitute for good content. Good quality content created for the target audience increases site traffic increases your website’s authorization and relevance for a topic.

Do proper keyword research and and find a relevant keyword or phrase for your content to increase its ranking on search engines.

  • update the content regularly:

You have probably noticed that the latest and upgraded content is a must to keep yourself up to date with the world. Regularly updated content has more chances of getting on the top of the page and getting viewed by the best audience because of its relevancy. So make sure to keep it fresh and up to date. Use SEO audit on your content on a set schedule and make updates that are needed.

  • metadata:

when designing your website, every page contains a small space between the head tags to insert the metadata or the preliminary information about the page’s content. However, a person needs to review and upgrade metadata as the site changes with time.

  • use alt tags:

add infographics to your content. Always add alt tags and alternative text descriptions in your images and videos. These help you allow the search engines to quickly locate your page, which is an important point, especially for those who only use screen readers.

Website Audit Service for WordPress Websites

here are some steps that you have to take to attempt a regular WordPress website audit:

  • software updates
  • check the user accounts and their passwords
  • conduct a WordPress security scan on the website
  • check the analytics of your website
  • set up a proper WordPress backup for data protection.

Website Audit Service for Shopify websites

now, here are some steps that have to be taken before conducting a Shopify website audit:

  • firstly, check Shopify accounts and their configuration
  • set up or design improvements and make recommendations
  • take website usability review
  • observe the website speed tests and their results
  • take SEO recommendations
  • have a general marketing strategy and suggestions for your website
  • complete the documentation covering all of the above points.