Black Hat SEO is Harder or Easier Than Ever

Black hat SEO techniques will hurt your rankings and your business. Black hat SEO refers to unethical practices to help a website rank higher in Google. Often, a website doesn’t even know it’s suffering from black hat search engine optimization and being penalized for it. But still, there are a lot of Benefits of Black Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO still goes on, works incredibly well, and is making a lot of people money. The drawback is that it goes against all ethical guidelines, damages businesses’ reputations, leads to manual penalties, and ultimately the blacklisting of thousands of websites.

But sometimes people use Balck Hat SEO to rank a temporary site for an Event or an Affiliate Site, and they make six figures with Black Hat SEO, and after that, their website got penalized by Google Algorithm. But still, there are a lot of Benefits of Black Hat SEO.

As SEO has gone on, the industry has grown & grown & grown. This year, the industry as a whole has hit over the $65 billion marks of industry worth.

With this increasing value, Black Hat SEO has explicitly gotten both ways more comfortable & way harder than ever before.

It’s Harder Than Ever Before Because…

• It requires a level of OnPage Proficiency – You NEED to be able to optimize your OnPage as links don’t push the needle-like they used to. It’s not the best link profile wins anymore, and with the addition of the knowledge graph being introduced to almost every SERP imaginable, you’ll need to be proficient in OnPage SEO to compete in virtually every industry on earth.

• Required tracking & data analysis – 3 years ago it didn’t matter if you just built links at randomly chosen anchors and URLs. However, nowadays, I track (literally) EVERY relationship and anchor I build across all of my and my client sites. We also analyze both our link profiles and OnPage every three months for our affiliate and client sites.

• You HAVE to be technically literate to compete – I knew SEOs ranking for multi-million-dollar keywords that barely knew what a meta title was seven years ago… I’m not even joking, and links mattered that much. Nowadays, with the additions of the knowledge graph and an ever-evolving web… You NEED to have at the very least, basic technical abilities to compete.

• Updates are getting stronger – It’s true, but they aren’t nearly as strong as Barry Schwartz, and the Moz Fanclub would have you believe. For an algorithm to learn on their own and evolve, they need to be using artificial intelligence and without quantum computing (which is at the very least, commercially unavailable for the next ~20 years) they can’t use it.

That means that the algorithms are only updated when a human engineer physically updates it. That being said, algorithms are getting stronger, and they require a higher level of knowledge and skill to beat and manipulate, but, It’s still very possible to this day to do so.

It’s Easier Than Ever Before Because

• You have access to more people, more data, more opportunities, and more tools than you have ever had before. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be making a pretty penny in SEO because you have more access than you have ever had before.

• The algorithm is set up so tightly (due to the human engineering) that it is wound to specific “signals” – These signals (if manipulated properly) will rank your site insanely quickly, and with minimal investment, as we’ll get into in the later case studies.

Benefits of Black Hat SEO

Black hat strategy maximizes short-term gains for a website by taking advantage of gaps, limitations, or blind spots in search engine algorithms. This often entails spammy practices that are bad for users. These practices change over time as search engines become wise to black hat schemes.

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