Benefits of Email and Social Media Marketing

The successful brands today have a comprehensive strategy of Digital Marketing. This leads to building a sharp brand image and integrated customer experience. The most significant achievement for any successful brand has been the ability to integrate all the channels of their marketing to get a fantastic customer experience. The Benefits of Email and Social Media Marketing are very high now.

It has been very rightly said that all the marketing channels of a brand need to work together to achieve the goal. Each channel needs to be leveraged at best. All the marketing channels have their strengths. To use any of the marketing channels effectively, one should know the proper use of them like what works the best for any channel, etc.

The two digital channels which are widely used and highly effective in acquiring customers are Email marketing and social media.

Benefits of Email and Social Media Marketing

Email is one of many channels that can be utilized in a digital marketing strategy of the brand. Email marketing refers to sending emails to existing or previous customers to enhance the merchant’s relationship. It helps in new customer acquisition and encouraging existing customer loyalty.

Social Media is very useful in building brand image and loyalty. It helps generate more website traffic and building community. The Benefits of Email and Social Media Marketing are different, but together, they form a successful marketing strategy. By integrating them, one can provide seamless customer experience and take the business to new heights.

Integration of Social Media and Email Marketing

1. Invite your list of Social Media Followers to subscribe to your Email List

Not only you can promote the social media profile of your brand in your emails, but also you can encourage social media followers to sign up for your mailing lists. This is because emails are more private and let you draft more personalized direct communication, targeted for individual subscribers.

Also, Compared to Social Media Marketing Email has a Higher customer Lifetime Value

One of the efficient ways to do this is by using Twitter Cards. They allow signing up of subscribers to an email list without leaving the social media platform.

E.g., the Barista Bar uses the same strategy. They encourage followers to sign up to their Coffee Club, and for that, an email address is required.

2. Uploading the list of Your Subscribers to the Social Networks

Uploading your subscriber lists to social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. is the best way to integrate your social media and email marketing strategies. You cannot ignore the Power of Email and Social Media Marketing if you want to make a brand online.

The uploaded subscriber lists can be used to run promotional social media campaigns to the interested target audience, follow subscribers on social media, or for creating a list of customers.

Facebook has a Custom Audience Feature, which is particularly useful for this. It is a tool to increase your success using paid reach.

To get a clarity of the requirements and preferences of your subscriber, one should start following the subscribers on social networks. Uploading your list of subscribers will help put a face and name and to your email subscribers. It enables you to understand them better.

3. Embed sign up form on your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook gives you the provision of embedding an email sign-up form so that you can get your Facebook fans to be a part of your email list. This is the best way to use the Benefits of Email and Social Media Marketing. Because you are doing both things at a time.

Facebook connects a considerable audience that you cannot ignore. To effectively monetize the marketing activities, a small presence on this social media channel is not enough.

Fanpage can be used to build a list of quality subscribers. The pitch should be very sharp and clear. You have an email marketing newsletter with great content and offers related to your brand.

4. Retargeting of your Active Email Subscribers through Social Media Ads

To ensure a multichannel marketing strategy, the smartest ways are to match the intent and interest of the prospects with targeted ads.

The information about subscribers who have clicked-through your emails can be used. They can be retargeted through social media ads. In doing so, the qualified prospects are individually reached out, which makes your strategy much more cost-effective.

As the Ads Are expensive, so one has to be careful about where to spend your funds. Retargeting only interested prospects leads to better conversion rates. It also eliminates the chances of sending out irrelevant ads.

5. Wrap up

The best-integrated experience a brand can deliver to its customers depends on the holistic marketing strategy it adopts. The best way to start formulating a strategy is by knowing the consumer’s thoughts about the brand. It helps to plan the content accordingly, across various digital channels.

Social media monitoring can be used to retrieve important information and plan your content accordingly. Then, formulate a strong marketing strategy for integrating email and social media efforts.

6. Embedding Live Social Media Feed-in Emails

This is another effective way to integrated social media and emails by adding live social media feed in the Emails. Live Twitter and Instagram feed can be included in the Emails. As soon as a tweet is posted, the feed gets automatically updated. On clicking the feed, the subscribers are directed to the respective Twitter/Instagram account.

7. Use Custom Hashtags to create a community.

  • Are very common on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Using popular and trending hashtags, one can join like-minded groups or communities. A new hashtag can also be created to start a new community apart from the commons.

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