What are The Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

These days people get a ton of traffic from social media accounts.

Traditionally, get good traffic of visitors to a website or a blog passed two basic points. One of them is that the blog or web in question has content interesting enough for the visits to arrive alone and voluntarily.

Nothing better than a high percentage of Internet users who come to your website or blog remember him and decide to return periodically for more information.

The second point went through the search engines, a good position in the Google results pages and other search engines assumed that a good number of visits to your page would arrive. So today I’m going to show you the Benefits of Social Media Marketing.

These two points are obviously still valid today, but in recent times there is a third element to keep in mind: Social Media Marketing.

A good job of marketing in social networks can mean that you have a significant amount of extra traffic coming from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or other more specific networks such as YouTube or Flickr in the case of audiovisual content.

The question is what is social media marketing?

I have created an amazing infographic that will help you to understand what is social media marketing. By understanding that you can also learn how can you increase your sales by using social media marketing.

This is what is called Social Media Marketing and in this article, we will see in a basic way what it is and how you can apply it effectively in your blog or website.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Basically, it’s about taking advantage of social networks to get traffic from visitors to your blog or website. You could separate these networks into several large groups and then choose which ones interest you the most, depending on the case. Let’s see some examples with some of the most popular services:

Social networks with users sharing texts, images and links.


Social Media, where content such as videos or images is shared:

– Flickr
– Vimeo

Social bookmarks, where you keep favourite links:

Mister Wong
– Diggo
– Folkd

These groups of networks are not effective in the same way and, in practice, search engines like Google value more than others. The way to use some networks or others will vary depending on the case.

Each one needs a different time and effort, for example, in the case of youtube you can get a quite high volume of traffic, but it requires the creation and edition of a sufficiently interesting video.

For example, it will always be of more interest to get a link on sites like Reddit for search engines like Google, because it means that someone considers your website as interesting as to save it among your favourites. However, a link from Reddit will bring you little direct traffic.

On the flip side, news markers are often visited by many people, so they can be the source of many visits. However, the value of the link to Google is not so relevant.

In the case of Social Media Marketing, you will see that Facebook has a direct impact on Google search results. The reason is obvious, Google wants to make your social network more popular.

From that same point of view, mentions of your website or blog on Twitter will always be better than those that occur on Facebook because Google has them in better consideration.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Visibility and popularity

A link to your website from a social network is interesting in itself, but the extra and immediate benefit you get is that automatically many people will see that link and many of them will click on it.

Traffic oriented to the theme of your website or blog

Another advantage of social media marketing is that you can guide the links you create towards a type of audience with specific interests. The fact that someone mentions your website in your Twitter account means that that person is interested in the subject you are dealing with and that mention is going to be seen by your contacts who, in turn, may have similar interests.

This way you increase the chances of getting traffic from people directly related to your website or blog. In addition to the few examples mentioned above, there are a huge number of marketers and social networks segmented according to different themes.

Looking a bit you can find specialized social networks in the same category in which your blog or website is included. Locating these networks and entering them can get you a good number of visitors interested in the subject, that is, of high quality. There are a lot of benefits of Social Media Marketing.

Improve the Google Page Rank and the Alexa Ranking

Both the Google Page Rank and the Alexa Ranking are today undervalued by many webmasters and SEO experts. However, leaving aside the direct utility that may have these rankings on a website, the truth is that they still do not stop being a business card for many.

Reaching a web with a PR 7 and a high ranking in Alexa not only gives a good impression, but you know that it is a site with a certain prestige and, undoubtedly, a high number of links. This is already an advantage because it improves the way your visitors perceive your website.

Alexa takes into account the echo that your website or blog has in different social networks and, as we mentioned before, Google does it too. Links in social networks can improve both your PR in Google and your Ranking in Alexa.

Your blog entries are indexed before

Search engines like Google are very attentive to the news on social networks. This means that Google can quickly realize that you have written a new blog entry simply because it has had a mention on Twitter.

Specifically, in the face of blogs, it can be a good tactic to have some kind of plugin that automatically publishes each new post in some other Twitter account.

Improve your position in search engines results pages

A single link in social networks can be seen by hundreds or thousands of people who, in turn, can repeat the link again. The advantage of social media marketing is that if you offer quality content the number of incoming links to your website can be multiplied easily and with little effort.

If you have a blog or website with a lot of activity on networks such as Twitter, Linkedin, Webtalk or Facebook, you will see how there are improvements to the positions on pages of search engine results.

I have a Fan page in a Social Network ready now what?

Having one or more fan pages on Facebook is a great idea because this is the perfect springboard to get a large group of people interested in what you have to say and then they will surely promote themselves among their own contacts on a voluntary basis.

Similarly, a bookmark account in Reddit, a Twitter account and other networks are going to be quite useful. The idea is to make your website or blog as viral as possible and this type of page is a good platform to start.

Once you have them ready, keep in mind the following:

– Post entries periodically and reasonably, if not on a daily basis at least several times a week. Do not post tickets in excess, many publications a day could tire several of your fans.

– Make sure that the entries are not all related to your website or blog, do not make continuous spam. It includes interesting content related to the theme of your website, these tickets will serve to get back some visits to your fan page.

– Do not artificially increase the number of fans or users. Do not buy subscriptions or use bots to inflate the number.

– Check the fan pages of the competition to see what strategies they use.

– Share interesting multimedia content related to your theme, videos or images.

– Do not argue. If you receive rude comments or do not like them ignore them, but do not argue with your fans, much less insult them.

– Respond to comments made to you.

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