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Best Alternative of Google Adwords

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Google ads are continually rising in cost. But what if I told you I have a really cool solution that will give you a much better response and lead than Google. Today everyone asks Google to promote their products by paid ads. Hey, everyone, I’m today I’m sharing with you the Best Alternative of Google Adwords.

How did people think about Google Ads?

Well, most people don’t realize that you don’t have spent money on Google ads to create a more than million dollar company. Have you heard about Dropbox? Of course, you have. The chances are it is on your computer.

Did you know that when Dropbox comes out first they grow by spent money on Google ads and what they found is even they have a product? That has cost about $5 a month which is about $60 per year for a customer. They were roughly spending 2 to 3 hundred dollars to choir per customer for Google Ads.

How Dropbox get popular?

Can you see how those numbers down or up now they what got spending money on Google Ads to choir per customer just because of just someone paying you $5 per month it does not mean that $5 is a very good profit? So what the Dropbox do? They leverage growth hacking.

They figure out the way that the user gets to come to their site and generate more customers. They did this by creating a free product or service and that’s a better alternative to Google Ads.


Build a Business of Millions of DollarsIf you look at Dropbox you look at Slack and even look at Amazon. Amazon is doing free but they are doing by their prime number membership that you get free airship today.



Amazon is Giving Free Prime

How to get more traffic to your website?

By creating something free that is an amazing offer thinks that they care about you so that way you can get traffic on your website by selling your paid products and that is the easier way that I also use to get more traffic. Even other big companies use this trick to get more leads to their products.

Some people don’t understand and said that Oh Hamza if I spent all of this money you know getting people to my website by having paid ads service it’s gonna cost me a lot of money and it does. You don’t have to spend money on Google ads to make a large business again look at Dropbox.

Leverage growth hacking and then as you have free tools, free products, and free services and something else that gives the best results by paying Google. What you can do is do things like creating invite fellows. Dropbox has it and it will give you free space by inviting more users.

Best Alternative of Google Adsense

What you can do to get more leads?

You can do the same with your products by saying that invites your friends to get more discounts on our products. This will be very helpful. You can create a marketing campaign.  Leverage growth hacking just doesn’t put all your money on Google ads and a reason I say that because I don’t like Google Ads.

You can create a good business without using Google Ads. The reason I say these that when you stop Google Ads you don’t have any more traffic. By creating something like free and it does not contain a cost of money like HubSpot that they have a free email signature template generator.

Best Alternative of Google Adsense

They don’t even charge any money. Even they don’t spend money on this to promote this but they found that I can drive over seven figures worth of revenue to their business per year. Not to bad for one free tool. So if you have a question that you have realized for free leave a comment below I answer and I will give you some ideas that hopefully give you the best result.

So try this to build your business empire without spending money on Google Ads and save your money for your business. So I hope you liked this information and please don’t forget to share this because sharing is caring.

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