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3 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins (Comparison)

Are you an affiliate marketer or do you want to become one? If you want to learn affiliate marketing than I have also shared an amazing guide on What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work (Here).

Anyway if you are here it means that you are interested in finding out which are the Best Plugins for Amazon Affiliates, in order to monetize your blog and earn with affiliates.

Today I’m going to show you 3 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins. Affiliations are a great way to earn, I mean really, in fact, I also do affiliate marketing with this and other websites. It is a method that I recommend, together with the sale of info-products.

To get good results with affiliations it takes 2 things :

  1. A minimum of traffic, so you need to study SEO and above all know how to apply it
  2. Have the right tools to insert and manage affiliate links

A good plugin can solve the second problem beautifully. It all lies in knowing how to choose the best. So let’s see what are the best plugins for Amazon affiliates.

The plugins are not arranged in a particular order, each has characteristics and is suitable for specific needs. Assess which ones are yours and choose accordingly. However, all these 3 Amazon Affiliate Plugins are very good.

Here is the list of 3 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins


AAWP is a simpler and user-friendly affiliate plugin with well-established templates. Let’s do a review of AAWP, a plugin for Amazon affiliates that proves to be very good. I personally use it on many of my Amazon affiliate sites.


AAWP is perfect if you need to integrate it into a website that will promote products that are generally purchased from Amazon (not suitable for example for spare parts, used material and/or craft products).

AAWP is perfect for getting started.

In terms of costs, AAWP is much more advantageous, especially if you plan to build multiple websites.

Integration and design

Integration and design of AAWP

The complexity of inserting a product on a page is the same for WP Money Click and AAWP.

AAWP: [ aawp box="XXXX" ]

The difference from AAWP is that in the case of WP MoneyClick you can create a dedicated content (if you need it) to get detailed statistics on the clicks of that particular product. Both support Amazon API v5.

It is clear that we are talking about 2 products of different ranges (both in terms of price and, above all, in terms of functionality).

Pros and Cons of AAWP

Amalinks Pro

Amalinks Pro is an excellent plugin for Amazon affiliation, with an excellent design and with different features. Unlike the other plugins it doesn’t need an Amazon API, so use it even without the Amazon API.

Let’s do a review of Amalinks Pro. Let’s start by talking about its main features.


With Amalinks Pro it is very easy to monetize your pages and does not require any kind of programming skills.

The design is excellent, for all the templates that are included. In terms of costs, it is less advantageous but extremely useful for those who have one or more affiliate sites and want to increase conversions.

Integration and design

3 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins (Comparison) 1

3 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins (Comparison) 2

3 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins (Comparison) 3

3 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins (Comparison) 4

The complexity of inserting a product on a page is practically zero.

AAWP: [amalinkspro_showcase asin='XXXX'/]

3 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins (Comparison) 5

As you can see, you don’t even have to enter the shortcode manually

3 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins (Comparison) 6

Step 1: Search Among the Products

3 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins (Comparison) 7

Step 2: choose the products

Amalinks Pro can also be inserted as a widget.

With Amalinks Pro you can allow all the authors of your site to have no problems with the configuration and insertion of affiliate links.

In addition, even the most expensive plan does not go above $ 20 a month, so it is enough that it makes you convert a few more customers and you have immediately repaid your investment.

Amazon Affiliate Pro Links


EasyAzon is a somewhat old plugin, in fact, I decided to mention it in this guide because it still remains one of the best, even if I personally don’t use it.

Let’s try to make a small review of EasyAzon anyway.

It must be mentioned because it is a plugin known for those who do affiliate marketing, but nowadays I would not recommend it.


These 3 plugins that we have seen are currently the best, both for the Italian and foreign markets.

In the future I will certainly write other guides on affiliate marketing, a very interesting topic; it is, in fact, a really valid method to make money online, with a long-term perspective.

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