Black Hat SEO Link Building Techniques

So now that we’ve gotten through all the theory and Google bashing, it’s time to get into what I actually recommend to do with your link building into 2017 & beyond. Today I’m going to show you Black Hat SEO Link Building Techniques.

Build HQ Pillow Links (In Small Amounts)
I highly recommend to still build pillow links. However only build them from high-quality sources and in small amounts. This technique is still working and a lot of people are using it.

A prime example of a high-quality pillow link is Yahoo Answers, not only does it offer a niche relevant NoFollow links on a high-quality domain, but it (with proper setup) can also send a ton of highly related traffic to your site. Essentially, you’re killing 2 birds with one stone by building these types of links.

At the same time, don’t go overboard with your pillow linking… If you’re a local business owner, you really aren’t going to have the time to build 50 or 100 citation links, so why (as SEOs) are we doing that? It just looks like plain over-optimization in Google’s eyes.

Try building 5 citations from the citation sites that are actually ranking in your SERPs, it’ll have way more effect than those 50 or 100 packages. Yes, These Black Hat SEO Link Building Techniques are working without any penalty.

Use White Hat Anchors For Tier 1

Let your OnPage optimization rank you for the actual keywords, you don’t need to over-optimize your tier 1 links as future updates could take you out.
As an example of anchor texts that I use:
If your keyword is “Best Wireless Router 2017” then make your anchors:

• PCMag’s guide on The Best Wireless Routers
• Best Wireless Routers in 2017 Reviewed
• This guide on the top wireless routers in 2017

We’ve done a lot of testing, and it seems that long anchor texts tend to not trigger any anti-spam algo’s, so even dodgier links can get passed due to looking like a white hat anchor text.

Don’t Use These Link Types

It’s a pretty blanket statement for sure, but from our own testing 95% of the time, these link types just don’t work and really don’t push the needle. Most are out-dated techniques that were used years ago.

Press Releases – Who wants mass distributed, duplicated content on a ton of poorly built domains? Yes, 1 press release on Yahoo Finance (if your site is related to that niche) can be an effective link… but building 150 press releases on shitty sites isn’t going to do much for you.

Social Bookmarks – Who actually uses these anymore when you can just favorite a page? It’s very unnatural, and outdated.

Forum Profiles – We aren’t using XRumer any more guys. This technique takes time to get index on google but it is very helpful

Syndication – Again, duplicated content across a ton of randomly built domains and Web 2.0s that haven’t gotten any links pointing to them. The only time I see fit to use this type of link building (with a tool like IFTTT) is if you’re trying to index pages, generally mass page creator style sites.

Sitewide Links – From our testing, Google only counts the first page indexed of a sitewide link, and if that page happens to be a contact page or an about page, it’s likely not going to pass any juice at all… So it just ends up being a waste of money. As well as the fact that it can fuck with your reported anchor text ratios and various other things.

Metrics Are Bullshit  Again, a pretty blanket statement but it still astounds me that to this day people rely so heavily on metrics, whilst barely checking the links themselves and if the site they’re trying to get a link on has any traffic or not.

• PR, DR, DA, TF – It Doesn’t Matter
• Traffic & Link Profiles – They Matter!

There are also a lot of Black Hat SEO Link Building Techniques Like

  • Doorway Pages.
  • Hidden Text or Links.
  • Keyword Stuffing.
  • Reporting a Competitor (or Negative SEO)
  • Sneaky Redirects.
  • Cloaking.

but the above techniques are safe to use for your websites without any penalty of Google’s Algorithms. So I hope you liked this information so please don’t forget to share this because Sharing this Caring.