Reach Posts on Facebook Recently Declined?

Facebook has so Many Load so it's Reach Got Declined.

The Facebook Post Reach Recently Declined, and you do not know why or do not know how to fix it. Take a look at this because it can help you. On a page that I visited I found the following message in a post:

Has anyone encountered an almost non-existent Facebook reach?

It is clear that the creators of pages, including those who maintain small or medium businesses, are concerned about the fact that their publications only reach a small percentage of their fans. And the worst thing is that some of them have paid amounts of money to Facebook to get many of those fans. Good trolley, Facebook.

What is the reach of posts on Facebook?

Organic reach on Facebook refers to the number of people you reach each time you post a new post on your page. The theoretical limit is between zero and the maximum number of fans. Although in principle it would be possible to overcome this number, the normal thing today is that you reach only a relatively small percentage of fans.

The ‘total reach’ is the one that adds the organic scope and the one of payment. Recent studies show that the Facebook Post Reach Recently Declined from 12% to only 6% in a few months. The news is not new, it has been going on for years and, worse, it seems that it is a trend that will not stop.

On some pages that I follow, I find that of 100,000 fans, only 10 of them click on ‘like’ in any publication. This is something like 0’0001%. Too little, especially for a business. The alternative offered by Facebook is clear: pay for ads. The response of some is a resounding no, in some cases accompanied by a big cut of sleeves, especially when you discover that you have to pay hundreds of euros to get to reach a few thousand of your own fans.

In case you did not know, the price of Facebook ads has grown inversely proportional to the Reach of your publications, more than 200% in recent times.

Why do my Reach Posts on Facebook Recently Decline?

From the moment you publish a post on a page, Facebook starts adding, subtracting and counting statistics. Say you start showing the new entry to a small number of your fans. If these fans react to the post then it will show it to other fans. Otherwise, no.

Reacting here means, basically, do not ignore the post, that is, comment, click on a link, watch a video, share it or like it. To more interest from your fans, more reach.

How to improve Facebook Post Reach that Recently Declined?

Once you assimilate the fact that the scope of your publications is stuck in one of that quicksand, you just have to wait for it to continue sinking slowly, but you can still grab a nearby branch and hold it up a bit:

1. Publish only images and videos:

You can currently post different types of posts on Facebook:

Share posts from other Facebook pages
Images with text
Video with text
Video broadcast live
Today, two of these types of publications are those pampered by Facebook: images and videos. Especially the latter. Video and image posts will be more likely to be displayed at a higher percentage of your posts than other types of posts.

2. Quality is the key:

The higher the quality, the more reactions your post will have and the more it will spread throughout your fan network.

Share quality content. If you share links to other pages, make sure they are of quality. Facebook is fixed in the time that people spend on other pages. Share content related to your page. If you have a page about cooking you know that your fans are interested in cooking.

A publication on engineering may be of interest to too small a percentage and be counterproductive. Do not post content that you’ve used in ads because it’s probably going to have less distribution.

3. Do not spam on Facebook Post:

You may think that publishing many posts will increase the reach of your Facebook page, but it is more likely that the opposite will happen. Currently, the recommended number of publications per page is 6 a day or a little more. If you publish dozens of posts a day, chances are that the reach will sink.

Do not publish content with low reputation, low-quality articles or just with advertising, hoaxes or links with deceptive titles just to get some extra clicks. Avoid asking your fans to perform actions such as clicking or commenting.

Do not post content that has been shared virally. For example, the typical images or videos that almost everyone has already seen because it can be considered as spam. Avoid promotional publications exclusively oriented to sell a product or install an app. Interestingly, that’s what business would want a fan page for, but Facebook prefers you to pay for it.

4. In general:

Avoid low-quality content, bet on quality content, reduce the number of publications, publish content related to your page, send images and, above all, videos and complete your page profile as much as possible. Ahm, yes, this is also something ‘important’ that Facebook has in mind.

5. Facebook metrics to take into account:

A point to control is the metrics offered by Facebook. The metrics are just statistics that can be very helpful in finding weak points on your page. The most important:

6. The scope of Facebook Page:

Within the statistics offered by Facebook, you can find a graph showing the evolution of the scope in recent days. Interesting to check if it is increasing or decreasing.

7. Participation in Facebook Post:

In the section of General Information in the statistics of your Facebook page, you will find some interesting statistics: the scope and the interaction/participation for each post. Under the table, you will see a link ‘See all publications’. Click on this link to enlarge the list.

If you notice, the ‘reach’ column shows you the number of people reached and in the participation you can find the reactions and comments it has raised. These two columns are related although, as we discussed earlier, it will have a more decisive influence if the publication is a video, an image or a text/link.

These statistics are very interesting because they allow you to check at a glance which publications have been the most successful, which ones have had more participation or at what times you must publish so that your posts are more viewed.

Extra trick: In the part of the header of the table you can click on ‘Organic / paid reach’ and select ‘Fans / no fans’. This option shows you the number of own fans and people who are not fans to whom the article has been shown. One more indicator that tells you what publications have been shared and have transcended outside your fan network.

The future of Facebook:

The question many ask: how long will the reach of Facebook pages?

The answer to that question may not like you. Some people say that the number will reach the zero, 0, zero, none, nothing. The latest news coming from Facebook indicates that the intention of the social network is to become something similar to YouTube and based almost exclusively on video in a few years.

During this process, the scope of other publications will continue to decline slowly until it disappears. Whoever wants to appear, will have to pay for ads. Therefore, is it worthwhile to continue a page on Facebook? Probably not. The future of Facebook seems to go by no business and those who want to make some money on the network. For that, better to resort to creating content for the classic tandem AdSense / Youtube.

In my personal opinion, Google, which is on the other side of the bridge, pampers its users but also publishers and businesses, while Facebook pampers its users while mining publishers to see how much money they can get while preventing can do business.

Under these conditions, which publisher or company will be interested in Facebook in the future? Probably very few, and all will be willing to promote and support any other social network that appears and they are on the court.

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