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The history of the internet has just begun. Hey, Everone I’m Jarvis and I’m going to show you a number of users on the internet and Google Net Worth.

The history of the Internet goes back a few decades: e-mail has existed since the 1960s, file sharing since at least the 1970s and TCP / IP was standardized in 1982. But it was the creation of the World Wide Web in 1989 that revolutionized our History of communication.

The inventor of the worldwide network was the English scientist Tim Berners-Lee. Who created a system to share information through a computer network. At that time I was working for the European physics laboratory CERN in the Swiss Alps.

In this post, we will see the global expansion of the Internet and Google Net Worth.

Google Net Worth


The chart begins in the 1990s, close to the time Berners-Lee launched the first web browser and before the first website was online (the CERN site, which is still online). At that time, very few computers around the world were connected to a network; Estimates for 1990 suggest that only half the percentage of the world’s population was online.

What does the graph show?

As the graph shows, this began to change in the 1990s, at least in some parts of the world: by the year 2000, almost half the population of the United States accessed information through the Internet.

But in most of the world, the Internet had not yet had much influence: 93% in the East Asia and Pacific region and 99% in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa were not online yet in 2000. Dot-com moment -Crash less than 7% of the world was online.

15 years later, in 2016, three-quarters (76%) of people in the United States were online and during these years countries in many parts of the world were updated: in Malaysia, 79% used the Internet; in Spain and Singapore 81%, France 86%, in South Korea and Japan 93%; in Denmark and Norway, 97%; and Iceland leads the ranking with 98% of the population online. two

At the other end of the spectrum, there are still countries where almost nothing has changed since 1990. In the poorest countries, such as Eritrea, Somalia, Guinea-Bissau, the Central African Republic, Niger, and Madagascar, less than 5% are online.

At the lower end is North Korea, where the oppressive regime of the country restricts access to the North Korean Kwangmyong intranet, and access to the global Internet is only granted to a very small elite.

But the general trend worldwide, and, as the graph shows, in all regions of the world, is clear: more and more people are online every year. The speed with which the world is changing is incredibly fast. On any day of the last 5 years, there was an average of 640,000 people online for the first time. 3 This was 27,000 every hour.

Source: Wikipedia

Number of users worldwide

Google Net Worth

Percentage according to each country

Google Net Worth

Number of internet users per country

Google Net Worth

Growth of Internet users from 1990 to 2014

Google Net Worth

Number of users connected to the internet by country

Google Net Worth

Internet users and growing day-by-day and technology are also growing so fast. In that hectic world of technology, you must stay updated that what’s going on in this world. Digital Marketing is also growing fast on the internet.

So that’s the history of the internet and Google Net Worth. I hope you like this post and if you think that this post is informative for others then don’t forget to share this with friends. If you have any additional questions or suggestions you can leave a comment.

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