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How Can You Find a Profitable Niche?

Hi everyone I’m Harold Adams Today I’m going to show How Can You Find a Profitable Niche website from point A to Z. I personally started my first website with a niche website and that way I learn how to do proper SEO which then allows me to do SEO for clients and build my career.  So let’s start in.

So  First I’m going to show you a difference between niche website an authority website. Technically every website is a niche website because you are going to target a niche and keywords. But the big difference is how you decide to target a niche.

For Example:

An authority site targets a Larger Niche/ Macro Niche. While a niche/Micro Niche website targets a niche within that niche. Let us take Neil Patel (Kissmetrics) for example.

Neil is an authority site in the SEO and Digital Marketing Industry. When you take a step back and you can see that Kissmatrics was just a micro niche website about inbound marketing, inbound marketing is the micro-niche or Marketing and Marketing is the micro-niche of Business.

How To Find Profitable Niche

So technically SEO as a topic is a micro niche of business. This communication is on whether you create an authority site or a niche website. If you love hiking you can create a website on hiking products.

All that matters is that you can find a niche that you can actually compete in. Like you have a minor passion for that topic and that’s even better. But that is not necessary just helpful. Now be covering how to find a profitable niche. But in my opinion, choose that niche in which you can compete in an SEO  perspective whether that is a macro niche or micro-niche.

Just remember that your goal is to find that niche you can compete in easily. Before I start that topic the first thing you need to understand is What you do today won’t produce results tomorrow?

Building a niche website is a long term game. Now I will not get rich overnight. But it is true that your income can start in a few months or in a year and after that, you can create the other niche website or you can reinvest that money in your existing website by trying all SEO and Ranking techniques. But the hard part is producing so much quality content.

I also spend one to two to create quality content on my blog. Sometimes my website gets 3 to 4 months to get traffic. The point is you just have to be patience and everyone now that SEO is a slow game. Just do that work and trust the process you are doing and this is practically important for new websites.

You can rank your website with Long Tail Keywords in 3 to 4 months but it will take more time to rank short tail keywords for a new website because there is a lot of competition is a short tail keyword. So think long-term, be patient, trust the process, and do hard work. If you can change your mind and not getting any result then read this.

How Can You Find a Profitable Niche? 1


How Can You Find a Profitable Niche? 2

So first we are going to drive see that and think about it because it technically helps you so much. I actually do this exercise before doing work like this.

How Can You Find a Profitable Niche? 3

So first I’m going to show my passion and what I think.

How Can You Find a Profitable Niche? 4

These things are very important before you are starting a niche website. I also do these things in 2016 and 2017 to learn SEO and Blogging. My first micro niche blog was about Baseball Pitching. It will take no power on the baseball pitching blog because I was already passionate about it and I genially enjoyed writing about that topic.

My main point is “You should have some interest in it once you dig a little deeper”.  So let us get started that How Can You Find a Profitable Niche?

I’m going to show you some places to find a profitable niche.

  1. Amazon

How Can You Find a Profitable Niche? 5

So just check all the other categories like this and build a list of two to three hundred ideas. You can find more than three hundred ideas on Amazon but I’m just giving you an idea. So you can use Amazon like this to easily find micro niche ideas.

  1. Click Bank

Just go to click the bank and you can see many topics. Just check all the topics randomly by categories so you can find a micro-niche easily. Now after creating the list of ideas you explore from Amazon and Click bank just copy a topic and go to to search that topic.

For Example, I search about a baseball and in the sidebar, you can see many related topics and add those topics into your sheet. So the next method is my most favorite method to find a micro-niche.

Just go to Answer The Public and search that primary topic baseball that we search in Quora and as you can see there are so many topics related to this keyword. So maybe these keywords are profitable for a niche website or an authority website.

How Can You Find a Profitable Niche? 6

And now the final method is to install a Chrome browser extension Keyword Everywhere its totally free. Now just go to and search a keyword you are interested to create a niche website and it will show you the searches of that keyword and its CPC (Cost Per Click). If you are using Google Adsense than CPC really matters but forget it now and return to our topic.

How Can You Find a Profitable Niche? 7

These techniques help you to find hundreds of potential ideas. I have also followed these methods to collect niche ideas. Now you have collected the niche ideas so let us do some keyword research. Just take a keyword and put it into keyword explorer of Ahrefs or SEMrush.

I’m using Ahrefs. First, you need to see how much searches are on that keyword and how much its keyword difficulty and see what are you be able to rank this keyword or not.

How Can You Find a Profitable Niche? 8

That’s not mean that you are going to target the same keyword you can also see the suggested keywords showing below and the good thing is you don’t need to think you just got the related keywords with search volumes.

The keyword Difficulty 11 of a keyword is easy. You can rank this keyword easily by doing some link building techniques. Just repeat that process will all your keywords and give them a core like fail and pass. Now keep in mind that you are going to do extensive keyword research that which keyword you are going on but first we just get a general idea.

Just score the niches in three different categories

How Can You Find a Profitable Niche? 9

Now, what can you do if you don’t have the budget to invest in Ahrefs or SEMrush?  Well, here it is what you need to do. As I mentioned earlier the plugin keyword everywhere and now you also need to install Moz Toolbar and it is also a free tool.

Now search your keyword on Google and see if it has search volume. Then using the plugin Moz Toolbar export the keyword list and see the Domain Authority (DA) of the top 20 competitors. If the average DA is above 50 then it might be a competitive niche.

You can also use the Google Keyword Planner tool and Ubbersuggest tool this is totally free and amazing tools. If you examine 10-20 different keywords and you’re still getting DA averages above 50 then you may need to move on a different niche.

Now keep in mind that it is possible to beat these authority websites by having high relevance, depth of content it will harder and take a long time.  So if you are new then don’t try to beat authority sites. My recommendation is to do deep research and don’t settle on a niche before you are absolutely certain you can compete in it.

Now the most important question after finding your niche is Are people spending and making money in this market?

So let’s Start with Spending.

The first method is used by Google Ads Data. Just search your selected keyword on Google and see its CPC. If its CPC is high then it mean that people are spending money on that keyword or niche. It’s mean this niche is valuable and people are searching for this and it’s a good sign.

For Example:

How Can You Find a Profitable Niche? 10

The second method is just going to Facebook and sees that are companies are advertising as well. Just go to any popular Facebook Page and see that currently what they are paying for. That’s a way you can give a good idea about that keyword.

The third method is to go to Click bank and see the affiliate market place. Find products according to your niche and see that the prices of the products are high then it means these are valuable and people are also looking for these products.

Now you can also go to Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Commission Junction Etsy and other popular websites in your industry. The most important thing is don’t forget to check that your niche has a trend or not. One of the worst things that can happen is enterings non-evergreen niche with declining search volume and interest.

That’s why everyone looks for Profitable niches for long-term projects. Now you are thinking how can we check that our niche is in trend or not?

Don’t worry just go to Google Trends and see that is your niche is growing or not and in which country it is getting a 100% trend. The final validation method is to check is there any community in your niche or not. Search on Google your keyword+Forums. If there are some forums and threads are available in your niche then it’s a good sign.

For Example:

How Can You Find a Profitable Niche? 11

So here are something you must see before starting your niche website and these things are very helpful for you. These 5 steps will help you to grow your niche website easily.

How Can You Find a Profitable Niche? 12

So explained very deeply that How can you find a Profitable Niche. I hope you liked and so please don’t forget to share this with your friends and in your community. Stay tuned for more amazing blog posts.

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