How Much Time Should You Invest in SEO?

The importance of search engine optimization ( SEO ) is hotly debated. Some consider SEO to be indispensable, others see them as manipulation attempts that are no longer necessary today.

Therefore, in this article, I am looking into the question of how much time should you invest in SEO as a self-employed person on the Internet should invest in search engine optimization.

How Much Time Should You Invest in SEO?

Working hours are tight for business start-ups and the self-employed. This of course also applies to those who set up their own business online and try to earn money with an online shop, affiliate websites or blog.

That is why you have to weigh carefully how much time you should invest in which work in order to get the best possible result in the end.

In order to be able to clarify how much time should you invest in SEO, it must first be clear what significance search engine optimization still has today.

Importance of SEO Today and in the Future

The term SEO has a negative reputation with many people. Search engine optimization in itself means nothing else than making your own website optimally understandable for Google (and other search engines).

However, that was manipulative have always been part of the process in the past. So it’s not just about optimally presenting the existing content, but also using unauthorized measures to make your own pages rank higher than they actually deserve.

And so it is not very surprising that many founders don’t think much of SEO. But that’s a mistake because the basic SEO that is also allowed by Google still have a very positive effect today. This applies above all to the on-page SEO that affects your own website and content.

SEO will continue to be important in the future, but thanks to the efforts of Google, SEO tricks will become increasingly difficult. Just understand the basic concept of SEO.

So I recommend getting started with the basics by following these three points:

  • Make sure that search engines can fully crawl your site.
  • Then start creating keyword-optimized content.
  • Finally, use outreach to get backlinks.

Those three steps are the foundation of SEO.

More time for content or SEO?

This already means that you need good content to be successful online. Good unique content is the best SEO basis and also represents the best “insurance” for future success.

That is why you should invest significantly more time in creating content and not spend so long on implementing SEO, especially if it is not allowed. Putting a few backlinks at the beginning is okay. But anyone who is constantly on the hunt for new backlinks does not exactly provide a stable basis for the future.

I strongly assume that Google will become even better at recognizing what really good content is and thus the importance of backlinks will also decrease.

In addition, in many industries, such as online shops, you have an immediate advantage if you pay more attention to the content, as most competitors still neglect this.

Anyone who runs a blog or another content-driven website, on the other hand, relies heavily on content anyway.

In addition, it has to be said that the essential on-page SEO becomes second nature very quickly anyway. Nowadays I hardly think about it anymore when I write an article, it works by itself.

Money instead of time?

An alternative is to take cash in your hand instead. So you don’t invest your own time but buy SEO services.

That can make perfect sense, especially for websites that are not so content-driven (e.g. shops), which also have an immediate and clearly measurable return on investment.

However, one should also note here that SEO takes time. You don’t rank at the top of Google overnight, regardless of whether you invest time or spend money.

So I have the time for good rankings regarding my experiences. Until something finally written.

It has to pay off

The bottom line for the self-employed is very clear that the SEO has to pay off. To do this, one calculates the increase in income that SEO is likely to bring and compares this with the costs.

SEO can have a positive effect on various factors. A number of visitors, CTR, conversion rate and more. It is accordingly difficult to calculate this in advance. If you add that SEO do not have an immediate effect, but rather a longer-term effect, it is not that easy.

In addition, one should take into account the risk that certain prohibited measures entail. It is, therefore, best to start with smaller SEO and measure their impact. Then you get really precise figures for your own business and can assess whether the investment of even more time (or money) is worthwhile.

My Recommendation

I myself invest relatively little time in SEO measures but prefer to put them into the content. I do that with my blogs as well as with niche websites.

For example: In order to push the website a bit at the start, I take one or two SEO steps (e.g. backlinks), but in the long term, I only invest very little time in search engine optimization, mainly only the usual on-page optimizations when writing texts.

I consider the concentration on the content (text, audio, images, and video) to be the best investment in the future. In my opinion, this is the most sustainable and safest way to achieve long-term online success.

However, this may well be the more complex, but those who try to be successful primarily through SEO tricks will usually get problems with Google sooner or later.

So I hope now you have known how much time should you invest in SEO to gain better results and save your time. You can also hire me for your SEO Service on Fiverr.

Hamza Hashim

I'm a Freelancer having skills in SEO and Social Media Marketing with over three years of experience in these fields. I have worked for many brands. I have helped businesses to gain higher visibility in search engines. I am familiar with carrying out SEO optimization practices from small to large companies.

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