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How Teenagers Can Make Money

It’s honestly surprising that this day and age that we live in you can actually literally start businesses with absolutely no money And just out of curiosity, I went ahead and looked up the average cost of starting a small business, and that comes in at a price of around $300.

But How Teenagers Can Make Money? So in this article today, we’re going to be talking about the top five businesses that you can start even you are a teenager or a young guy with absolutely zero dollars.

So maybe 15 or 20 years ago before the era of the internet, you know you would have to be investing tens of thousands of dollars to start your own business. What I’m going to be giving you guys today are five activities, especially for teenagers that predominantly rely on the internet.

That you can start with basically no startup costs, now I am going, being honest, there are some very small start-up costs, like for example, an internet connection, or maybe a cell phone or a computer or a laptop. But I’m assuming that these are things that you guys already have available to you at your disposal.

So we’re gonna go ahead and say it’s basically free because you already have many of these things available to you to use for these businesses. So no, you don’t have to go out there and put together a business plan or go to a bank for a small business loan.

There are tons of different businesses you can start with zero dollars, nothing out of pocket, and I’m going to give you guys five of those today. All that I ask for you guys in return is that share these ideas with others.

It does help out with the algorithm. The more people who share these ideas,  so I would certainly appreciate that in return and one thing I do want to mention as well,

Let’s go ahead and get into it and talk about the five businesses that are the best ones you can start right now for zero dollars. Okay, so coming in at number one here, What I truly believe is the best business you can start with no money today.

Start a Social Media Advertising Agency

How Teenager Can Make Money

Maybe you don’t do Facebook Ads; perhaps you do Google Ads instead, or perhaps you do Instagram marketing agency and twitter ads, but anything related to social media, but in particular Facebook Ads. This is a massive opportunity for making money with your own digital advertising agency.

So this is a pretty simple business to understand. You have all of these different businesses out there that are looking to acquire new customers or get people through their doors. Literally, the only way to get customers these days is to understand how to use social media.

Well, the only issue is these different business owners are spending 40 to 60 hours per week running their businesses. So they don’t have the extra hours in the evening to learn how to use Facebook Ads, learn how to run ads, take photos of their business and set up advertisements, and monitor all of this stuff.

So instead, what these businesses do is hire an advertising agency to create Facebook Ads on their behalf. So that is where you would come into this equation as somebody who understands how to use and how to run Facebook Ads.

So we’ll talk about that a little bit more at the end of this. But real quick, I just want to share with you guys, there are typically two different models in terms of how to get paid with a Facebook advertising agency.

Okay, so in terms of a Facebook advertising agency, these are typically the two models you see in terms of making money with this business.

Model Number 1

The first step is collecting 25% of all of the money that the company gives you, like your cut for basically creating the ads, managing, and optimizing Facebook Ads.

For Example, let’s say you’re working with a business, a medium-sized company, maybe it’s a restaurant and they have a $5,000 per month budget with you, well, $3,750 would go towards the advertisements and $1,250, 25% of that would go to you for creating, managing, optimizing these ads. So that’s the first model that you typically see with this business.

Model Number 2

Step number two is also prevalent, as well. The business pays you a $1,000 per month retainer, and then they also give you the ad spend as a separate pool of money.

Let’s say, for example, you’re working again with a restaurant, and they want to spend $5,000 per month in ads. Well, they’re going to give you their card for the ad spend, as well as a thousand dollars per month for a retainer just for setting up, running and optimizing these ads.

So I’m sure you guys can begin to understand how this can become a perfect business in a short period and it’s not really like business owners you have a choice right now in terms of whether or not they want to run ads on social media.

I know, for example, my dad works for a very small bank in my local area and like they’re just now realizing, oh my god, we got to run Facebook Ads.

So you may think that business owners are ahead of the curve, and maybe Facebook Ads is oversaturated but, and there are so many businesses out there that need to get on social media and begin running ads, but they just don’t know how to do it, and they don’t have the time to learn this skill either.

So in terms of you learning this skill, you can learn this completely free from Facebook Blueprint Course. Further, you can learn from Youtube and different articles and forums, and then there also are several various courses out there that teach you how to run Facebook Ads.

If you guys wanna check out this business and see whether or not it’s a good fit for you. So if you guys are curious about this and you want to learn more about a Facebook advertising agency, I’ll include a link to the free training course by Facebook.

Become an Airbnb Host

Become an Airbnb Host|Business idea number two is becoming an Airbnb host. Now I actually try this last month where I actually tried out being an Airbnb host at my house and I rented out one of my spare bedrooms for about a month just to see if you can actually make decent money or side income as an Airbnb host.

I shared my actual earnings with Airbnb. I did it for a month, and I made about a thousand dollars which were quite a decent little side income here just from doing a shared room in my house and to tell you the truth guys, a lot of people don’t realize how easy it is to list your space on Airbnb.

It basically took me about 20 to 30 minutes to take some photos, write out my listing, and put my space up. Then 24 hours later, I got a notification that I had my first booking. So it is not a very long or difficult process at all and it’s very simple to list your space on Airbnb from my experience.

So how much money can you make with an Airbnb business? Well, to be honest with you guys, it’s going to be different based on the location that you live in, the type of property that you are offering, whether it’s a shared room, a private room, or a completely private space.

The location, the time of year, all that is going to play into this as a factor. Just go to Airbnb and enter your Home Adress and other details, and they give you a calculation of how much money can you make per month by Airbnb.

Become a Content Creator

Become a Content Creator

All right, so idea number three for a business that’s gonna cost you no money is to become a content creator. So basically doing what I’m doing here in the form of making this article or I also have a blog seotoolstation.net where I write about Digital Marketing Topics, Freelancing, Make Money Online, covering all those topics on my blog.

You can also create content in the form of video on Youtube because this day’s people mostly liked to watch videos instead of reading an article. So make sure you can start a Youtube Channel.

Well, by creating content just like this, I’m making money through advertisements and affiliate marketing and all of these different ventures. So essentially, this is one of my favorite analogies to use when talking about making money online or passive income or any of these various topics.

There are two choices you have when you’re looking to make money. Number one, you can invest the money you already have and make more money like dividend stocks or something like that, or if you don’t have money, you can spend your time into something else.

So content creation is very much an example of investing your time into making multiple different pieces of content that all have the potential to make you money day after day, week after week, and month after month.

For example, you were to make 10 Different Youtube Videos,

You did one per week, and then let’s say you got that channel monetized, and then each of those YouTube videos was making you just $5 per day. I know that sounds like a lot of money. If you have dozens of videos on your channel, you can make $10, $15, $20 every single day.

Also, create a blog that will bring in at least $5 or $10 per day. So creating a piece of content, bringing you $5 per day, is not as difficult as you would think.

For example, you have ten videos on your Youtube Channel, each one brings in $5 per day, now this is a $50 per day business, and it just begins to stack on each other just like that. As you create more content, you build that residual income, and maybe every video you make isn’t going to slam it out of the park.

But as you begin to have these videos in your media portfolio, we’ll call it, or different pieces of content all bringing you money, you have all these unconventional oil wells potentially bringing you an income from affiliate marketing or advertising or whatever method you’re using to make money.

As far as the cost of this business. Well, you can literally start out with the phone that you have and the camera and you don’t have to invest any money to be a content creator. All you have to do is invest your time.

Start Freelance Work

Start Freelance Work

Okay, so idea number four for a zero dollar free business that you can start is by doing freelance work online. So I have a couple of freelancers or contractors that work for me, and by the way, I’m also a Digital Marketing Expert.

Number one, I have a writer who does two articles, one the two articles per week from my blog, and then, second of all, I also have an SEO person who does 10 hours per week being paid on an hourly basis.

So, my SEO person, we pay him an hourly rate. I have a business partner in my blog, and the writer we just pay her per article that she is putting together.

But you could be on the other end of this equation and be a freelancer providing a service or a skill online for business owners just like me. Here are 8 Best Freelance Websites for Beginners.

This is truly an opportunity that you didn’t have 15, 20, 25 years ago, because the internet made this a level playing field where somebody from California could be working with someone in India or vice versa, and you could be working with people from all over the world. Visit this link; here, I have shared the top 8 Best Freelance Websites for Beginners.

So it’s not like you could only do freelance work for somebody in your local area, there are people all over the world looking for help with different skills and projects online.  You can learn the following skills from Youtube and Udemy.

So I hope you liked this information so please don’t forget to share this amazing information because sharing is caring.

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