How to Approach SEO in 2020

With the beginning of 2020, we are again wondering how SEO will change for the coming year. Every year we look for a miraculous recipe that can ensure maximum satisfaction from our efforts.

We really like the absolute claims of the genre “for 2020 we have to make videos” as if the advantageous strategies were always the same regardless of objectives, sector, competition, and resources available. So here is a complete guide on How to Approach SEO in 2020.


In this regard, I found illuminating the words of John Muller of a recent intervention, which I am going to write the main points here:

There is no secret [to position yourself better]. Owning a site that has a technically strong foundation with wonderful content is a great way to start.

Let’s take successful biscuits as an example. You want something based on good ingredients, created by trusted bakers, and to top it off, it’s something you can’t get elsewhere.

So use good technique, with good content, to make something that is the best produced so far. Something you will be proud of for a long time to come.

Our algorithms don’t count the number of words on a page or something, just like you don’t judge a cookie by its weight. If you want your pages to be recommended as wonderful, then do something wonderful.

This intervention seems very interesting to me to highlight the fundamental aspects that a web project should cover from the point of view of the SEO approach.

We therefore learn:

  • That there is no real secret to positioning yourself: There is no a priori valid strategy for obtaining the noble success, let alone miraculous methods or switches to be pressed to climb the peaks;

  • A strong technical base and wonderful contents are an excellent combination to start: A valid web architecture to navigate and attractive and quality contents are already alone effective levers for building a valuable project;

  • SEO is not a simple product of ingredients: Just as cookies are not perceived as well based on their weight, so positioning is not a result related to magic keys to press (such as the number of words on a page or the use appropriate tags);

  • You have to focus on something that is already wonderful to you, or that cannot be found by others. Uniqueness and above-average value are the founding elements of a successful and reasonably web strategy for positioning on Google.

“Great content”, “good technique” and the drive to create something excellent are therefore the right approach for Muller to position himself better on Google.

The “wonderful” in SEO, therefore, involves both the effectiveness of the technical infrastructure – which allows you to navigate and consult information with ease – and the value of the content created. In my opinion, it also expands to the perception of the authoritativeness of the professional or brand to which the contents are traced.

Working on one’s reputation through original content in one’s sector, relationships with one’s public, participation in groups and sites in the sector allows one to become points of reference in people’s minds, even before search engines.

With automatic content selection tools such as Google Discover, being “wonderful” points of reference for people will help to earn a constant share of traffic “on trust” thanks to the reputation of your brand.

To become authoritative reference points in your sector, I also suggest, especially for 2020, to dedicate some time a day to:

  • Disseminate the knowledge we have to demonstrate our skills and to support those who need help;
  • Dedicate ourselves to continuous training and self-learning activities to cement our knowledge and prepare ourselves for changes in the surrounding environment.


In the web marketing sector, continuous training is an essential step to be able to face the sector’s innovations and help its customers overcome the challenges of the modern market.

It is not always easy to find the time every day to stay updated on industry news, for this purpose I use some tools to stay informed on the latest trends with the least possible effort.


Google Alert is a free system for receiving email updates related to a given topic. From the appropriate configuration page, we can establish the nationality of the selected contents, the kind of sources from which to draw, the frequency with which to receive updates.

In this way we can receive, daily or weekly, a list of recent contents around a given theme (eg “SEO”, “Google” or whatever theme we care about most) to quickly find out what is cooking.


I admit it, I’m still used to notebook browsing more than mobile browsing, so Discover still hasn’t taken a place in my heart.

In its place, I still delight with Feedly. It is a very practical tool to subscribe to the RSS feeds of certain blogs which allows you to have an ordered list of the latest articles from the sources we want to subscribe to.

We can distinguish sources according to the criteria that interest us, for example, “SEO”, “Web Marketing”, “Web Design” etc. in order to have the updates already divided into categories.


Unity is strength! As much as following the disclosure of the experts is instructive, there will always be case studies and reports from employees in the sector that can be invaluable in improving our ability to face difficulties.

Personally, I find it very instructive to dedicate a small part of your day to the “patrol” in the social communities of the sector frequented by SEO, bloggers, webmasters, and communicators to discover interesting cases from which to take a cue, read the latest discoveries in the sector, talk to colleagues and try to help others with their knowledge.

Communities are an excellent way both to do personal branding – by concretely demonstrating what you can do for others – and to establish personal and professional relationships.


Self-learning is a regular step in one’s daily life which pushes us to keep our minds always alert and ready to accept the news of the sector.

A good idea can consist of carving out half an hour of time a day to read a book on a specific SEO topic on which we want to understand more or focus on podcasts and ebooks that can also be used when doing physical activity.

Audible offers various content by industry experts that allow you to deepen the world of web marketing by maximizing the time available.

In the same way, on Youtube, there are always growing training and dissemination channels that allow you to deepen even technical aspects of SEO, such as the Google Webmaster Youtube channel also useful for beginners. And what do you think? Let’s talk about it below!