How to Choose the Best Domain Name for your Brand

Choosing the best domain name for your brand should be difficult. You write down some names in a list, you think about it for a while, choose one and register it.

The main problem comes when your winning option is not available (something very frequent) and you have to repeat the process (once or several times) to find the final domain.

Today I am going to explain the steps you have to take to choose the best domain name for your brand and I will also mention some tools that will help you in the process. But we go to parts …

What is the domain?

I’m not going to mess you up with a technical explanation. I better understand that the domain is the address of your website. That is, what people type in the browser to get to your page. Like my website address is zblogging.com

Why do I need my own domain name?

Yes, I already know that, depending on where you have the web, you may have a domain of the style:
webname.wordpress.com or webname.blogspot.com, but having your own domain name is necessary if you want to show seriousness and professional appearance.

And perhaps you are thinking about why to hire a domain if you are still testing the ground and you are still not very clear about what you want to do with your website.

Well simply because the domains are very cheap and perhaps by the time you decide to take the step, someone has gone ahead of you, hired you and you have to rethink changing the name of your website.

What type of domain should I choose?

When choosing you to have different options: use keywords, your name, your brand. Let’s take a closer look at them. Like your domain name should be easy to remember and easy to pronounce.


For example, something of the style a: giftsfor___.comelmejor___.com or   ___baratos.com

But let’s face it, today it is very difficult to find a domain of this type that is free. And so the importance that the search engines give to this is less than what they gave it a few years ago.

However, if your website is focused on a very niche market, it would be interesting to find something along these lines.

Your name

Use your full name is a good idea if you are a freelancer and betting your brand person. Of course, as your name is something common, it is quite likely that it is already registered. And that is why, recently, in a geek mother attack, I registered a domain with the name of my son 😉

The main downside that I see using your name is that your project evolves and you want to start working with other partners, transfer it. But come on, if you are clear that your business and you go hand in hand, it is a very good option.

Brand name

You can also use the name of a brand, as in the case of blogsterapp.com. The advantage of this type of domain is that, if you choose something that is catchy, it can be easier to remember.

Although you run the risk of complicating it a lot, that it does not transmit anything and that you have to invest more resources in positioning yourself.

Mix your Name or Brand with Keywords

If you have a hard time deciding (or finding an available domain) a good idea is to try a combination of the above. If it turns out that your name is already registered, you can create the domain by adding a keyword.

For example, if I were to sell athletic shoes, I might have mastery of the style at hamzashoesstore.com Yes, I know it is a bit of a strange example because the domain is very long. But I hope you get an idea of ​​what I mean. And of course, following this line, you can also combine the name of a brand with keywords.

The main downside that I see to these types of domains is that something very long and difficult to remember can come out.

What should you keep in mind to choose a good domain name?

Before choosing the name of your domain, it is important that you take into account a series of key aspects that it must have:

  • Better if it is short and easy to remember.
  • Always register the .com version and then, if you want, some other variant. If the .com version isn’t available, drop the idea because it’s the first extension we thought of and it could cause confusion.
  • No numbers, hyphens, tildes, and the letter ñ.
  • Try not to put two consonants together (for example redde___.com ) that make reading difficult.
  • Avoid using abbreviations.
  • Check the spelling.
  • Make it easy to pronounce.
  • Watch that it does not contain a registered trademark.

Steps to follow when choosing the name of your domain

The first thing I want you to understand is that there is no perfect domain name. So focus on finding a domain that suits your project well.

  1. Make a list of all the ideas you can think of. If you see you scatter, use a timer and write down, for example, all the ideas you can think of in 15 minutes.
  2. Let the list sit for a few hours, or better wait the next day.
  3. Check what you have (you can help yourself with the timer) to discard the ideas that you no longer like and that do not meet the requirements that I have mentioned.
  4. Sort the list according to preference and start checking the availability of the domains.
  5. If the domain is free, remember to check the availability of the main social networks.
  6. When you find a domain that meets all the requirements, register it before they are advanced.

Tools that will help you to choose Best Domain Name for your Brand

At this point, your head is still fuming, so I’m going to talk about some tools that can help you choose the name of your domain.


It indicates the availability of a domain name, as you type it.

Domain Typer

You can choose the extensions you want to consult and it also shows you the availability of some variations of the chosen domain. In addition to that, you have the option to contract it from the same page.

Domain Hole Alerts

You alerts when a registered domain is free.

Domain Alerts

You have to register to receive the notifications, but choosing the free modality is enough.

Bust a name

It allows you to create name combinations from keywords.

Bust a Name

Very useful when you are looking for inspiration.


Choosing your domain name is a job that takes time,  but try not to be paralyzed by analysis and do not get out of this step.

Before you start, decide on a reasonable period of time to make the decision and once it is completed, choose the best option you have.

Hamza Hashim

I'm a Freelancer having skills in SEO and Social Media Marketing with over three years of experience in these fields. I have worked for many brands. I have helped businesses to gain higher visibility in search engines. I am familiar with carrying out SEO optimization practices from small to large companies.

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