How to Do Effective Email Outreach

After analyzing 12 million emails by Brian Dean, he published an interesting study on email outreach a few days ago. He shared how to do effective email outreach with step by step.

Before delving into the 10 key points that emerged from the research, I try to define the concept: with email outreach, we simply mean contacting someone via email.

The objectives of this activity can be different: for example, to promote your products/services, to look for a business partner, or to negotiate to get a guest post or good link (things that, typically, certain SEOs do).

Most outreach emails are Ignored or Deleted

Very few emails sent “cold” receive a response, only 8.5%. This finding is similar to several other studies, including that of Moz.

How to do Effective Email Outreach

In this article, we will try to understand why 91.5% of outreach emails end up in the trash and you will learn how to do effective email outreach.

Ideal Subject Length of an Outreach Email

The ideal length of the email subject should between 36 and 50 characters. Research has shown that emails with long subjects have a visibly higher response rate than short subject lines.

How to Do Effective Email Outreach

The reason is simple: in an object of that length, you can describe in an exhaustive way the content of the message. But beware of subjects that are too long, which risk being truncated in many e-mail clients. Here you will find many other suggestions on what to write in the subject of an email.

Sending Follow-up Messages Significantly Increases Response Rates

Like it or not, if we want to increase the chances of our messages getting a response, it is necessary to send more than one: sending 3 or more emails increases the response rate by 65.8% (compared to sending only one).

how to write a pitch email

The reason is that the “average employee” receives more than 100 emails a day (!), And if we send him only one message, it is very likely that he will end up missing among all the others. Obviously, it is good not to overdo it, because being tagged as a spammer is an instant.

Sending the Message to Different contacts increases the Probability of Replying

This advice is valid if you write to a website of a large publisher, where you may not understand who does what. In these cases, sending the email to 4-5 people allows you to get much higher response rates than betting on just one mailbox.

Sending the message to different contacts increases the probability of replying

Obviously, this advice is not valid when you have to contact a blog run by a single author: if he doesn’t answer you, there’s no point insisting too much.

Customizing the Email Subject improves the Response Rate

A personalized subject increases the probability of getting answers by about 1/3.

Customizing the email subject improves the response rate

With “personalization” we do not intend (only) to put the recipient’s name in the subject of the message, but also some more specific terms or data that can lead to the click call to action.

Customizing the Body Text of the Email Increases the Response Rate

Mirroring the subject matter is that of the body.

Mirroring the subject matter is that of the body

Avoid in all ways to send emails that may seem “copy and paste”, always try to put the person’s name and other details that lead them to think that that message took time and effort to be produced and that it was written especially for him/her.

Wednesday Is the Best Day for Email Outreach

A lot of research focuses on the “best day to email”, and focuses on open rates … but not on response rates, which are essential if you do email outreach.

Brian Dean’s study, on the other hand, examined precisely this aspect, discovering that the best day is – albeit very little, compared to other working days – Wednesday.

Wednesday Is the Best Day for Email Outreach

On the other hand, holidays (Saturdays and Sundays) should be avoided.

Linking Social Profiles Increases the Response Rate

Signing links to your Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles (much less Facebook ) seems to improve the response rate of emails.

Linking Social Profiles Increases the Response Rate

The reason? Perhaps because you are perceived as more “real”, as “real people” … and not as a spammer hidden behind a false/non-existent identity.

Involving Multiple Contacts and Multiple Messages Perform Better

We saw just above that sending emails to multiple people, and sending a sequence of emails, allows for excellent results. But what happens when the 2 things are combined together?

Involving Multiple Contacts and Multiple Messages Perform Better

The study found that a series of emails sent to various contacts performed up to 160% better than a single email sent to a single contact.

Email Outreach Concerning “Guest Posting”, “Roundup” and “Link Building” Usually Have a Good Response Rate

Despite the fact that someone – well known – said years ago ” guest posting is dead “, it seems that in reality, it is the topic with the best response rate among all the typical email outreach themes.

Email Outreach Concerning Link Building

Considering that link building ranks third, we can safely say that the market for buying and selling articles and links is still thriving and far from sunset. So above are some things you have to make sure that you are using in your email outreach strategy. So follow this strategy for cold email outreach.

How to Write a Pitch Email?

  • Use their name. It’s amazing how often I get outreach emails that say “Dear sir” on them. When I see that, I don’t even bother to read the rest. Simply saying “Hi Brian” makes it 10 times more likely that I’ll read it.
  • Reference something you saw of theirs on their site or elsewhere. This shows that you actually know who you’re sending your email to.
  • If you can make it sound natural, give them a compliment.

Warm-up your most important targets BEFORE you send your email. Leave really good comments on their blog posts, follow them on social media, and share their work with your followers.

Be Concise and Specific

The people you’re reaching out to are probably very busy. So the more concise and specific you are in your email, the more likely you are to get a good response. Now, what are the best ways to close an email?

What to Write at the End of an Email?

In the end always mention something attractive like your social media icons, your name, email or something else like you can see in the screenshot below.

what to write at the end of an email

So I have shared some techniques on how to do effective email outreach. Follow these strategies to make your email outreach effective.

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