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How to Drive Free Website Traffic

Today I'm going to show you how to get free website traffic.

These days, getting website traffic is not easy. You need to build Backlinks to rank your website to get traffic. Hey, everyone, I’m Harold Adams and today I’m going to show you how to drive free website traffic by analysis of your competitor website.

First, you need to find who is your competitor in your industry. The question is, How can you find it? Here are some Free SEO Tools that will help you to find your competitor in your niche by finding them you can get free website traffic, so I’m going to show you how to do it.

The First Tool I have for you is Semrush:

Just put your URL in the search bar and click on search. For Example, I have put Neil Patel’s website URL in that tool.

How to Drive Free Website Traffic

Here is the detail of Neil’s Website. There is a lot of organic search on his website because he is one of the top SEO Guru and Best Digital Marketers in the industry of digital marketing. He never invests a single in a penny in paid ads, and you can see how much traffic he is getting.

So we are talking about competitors, so know I’m going to show and when you search your website URL and scroll down your mouse, and you can see this.

How to Drive Free Website Traffic

The above sign shows the competitors of Neil Patel. If you click on View Full Report, you can get more competitors like that. As you know, Neil is SEO, so he doesn’t do this to get ranking but I’m just sharing this trick with you as you are a beginner in SEO or Digital Marketing.

Here is a screenshot of Backlinks and anchor text that Neil is getting from other websites.

How to Drive Free Website Traffic

Neil Does not create any single backlink by his words. The best advice from me and other experts including Neil is that produce quality content so other people like your content to share on their website and it is one of the most amazing tricks to get a lot of Free Website Traffic.

The Second Tool I have for you is Serpstat:

Serpstat is the best tool to find your competitor’s backlinks and of its keywords. It has both versions free or paid, and both are amazing you can use the free tool. Here it is:

 Drive Free Website Traffic

Just put your competitor URL choose the search engine and click on the search button, and you can see that its a free tool for everyone. After that, you can get all the details of your competitors’ website on how he or she was getting traffic.

 Drive Free Website Traffic

So you can see that how much Search Engine (SE) traffic this website getting and there are a lot of organic keywords of this website. But now I’m going to show you its competitor.

 Drive Free Website Traffic

So you can see that who is the competitor of Seo Round TableWe cannot compete with Google, Youtube, Quora, and Wikipedia because they spend a lot of money to get the top position, but I’m just showing you the exact way to find your competitors.

Here are the best two Free SEO Tools that I’m also using to get Free Website Traffic. Now you the question is how did you know that from where your competitor is getting traffic. So here it is one of the best tools in our industry that will you a lot.

The Third Tool I have for you is Ahrefs Backlink Checker:

Ahrefs is one of the Best SEO Tools in the marketing industry. It is a paid tool, but its Backlink Checker tool is free and its fantastic tool to analyze your competitor website traffic, and by doing this, you can get Free Website Traffic.

Free Website Traffic

Here is a screenshot of the same process by which you can get backlinks of your competitors’ website. Just put the URL and check all of its backlinks from where he or she is getting traffic.

Free Website Traffic

As you can see, how much traffic is Brain Dean getting on his blog BacklinkoBy doing that same process, you can also get all the sources of traffic that your competitor is getting.

In the last step, you need to create a spreadsheet on google docs so you can quickly get the backlinks of your competitor. I will show you something that you need to build on that sheet that will help you to generate free website traffic.

Free Website Traffic

This is the same method that I’m using on my all websites to grow their search engine traffic without spending any money. Do you also want to get free website traffic? Then follow all the strategies I have shared.

I hope you liked this fantastic piece of content. If you want it and you think that it is helpful for you then don’t forget to share because sharing is caring. If you have any question please leave a comment below. Stay tuned for more amazing tricks and blog posts.

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