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How I Got 1 Million Free YouTube Subscribers

Learn how to get free subscriber on YouTube

My YouTube Channel has over 100K subscriber and best of all I got them in less than a year. Yes, I get 100K Free Youtube Subscribers without any investment. Do you want to do the same? It’s possible marketing such a small niche that if I can do it anyone can.

Hi Everyone today I’m going to share with you how to get free youtube subscribers on YouTube by doing some tips. Follow these step by step guidelines to get free youtube subscribers.

How to get free youtube subscribers

1. Be Consistent:

The first thing you need knows if you have to be consistent everyone says that oh you need great content whether it is the blog or YouTube channel anything. Well ever marketing a channel you are going after you need to be consistent. Post three videos per week.

How to get free youtube subscribers

That’s what I found to be magic sweets and by doing that your channel going to grow from this I create 9 thousand subscribers per month organically without wasting any money on paid ads.

You need to be consistent and hardworking for getting success not on YouTube in every work you’re doing even study you need to be hardworking.

2. Optimize your Video:

You need to optimize your YouTube video. Thumbnails on videos need to be attractive not just use images from your video you need to create an animated, funny type of image that way people keep clicking on your videos.

Optimize your YouTube video title makes sure that your focus Keywords are in it and your videos should be more than 5 minutes. I started my YouTube videos starting from 2 to 3 minutes and now my videos are more than 5 minutes.

Free Youtube Subscriber

YouTube likes keeping people on YouTube and the longer you keep them on you got the higher ranking and your videos should be suggested to everyone so make sure you are not creating short videos. Make videos for more than 5 minutes.

Everyone creates short videos that are ok but in general, most of your videos should be at least 5 minutes and in optimizing your title tags look to see what your competitor using.

So search any keyword related to your video on YouTube see what your competitor doing and make sure you are cooperating what they are doing and making better content.

3. Be Active in your Videos:

I have also learned that you need to showcase of motion just doesn’t be boring in your videos. If you act like you are lazy and doing it without any energy no one will watch you again. So it is very important to be attentive and speak with energy and confidence.

Make sure you entertain and have high energy or your passion if you don’t know what you are doing then don’t create videos and don’t waste your time go do something else. Because when you truly have high energy and instead you have just naturally had it.

4. Transcriber your Videos:

One of the other important things that I have learned and I have learned this from viewership that’s one the best tip that I have ever got and it’s helped me to my YouTube Channel Marketing Stragedy is don’t just uploaded videos. You need to transcribe your videos.

How I Got 100,000 Subscribers in Less Than a Year

And there are a lot of services out there and they do it for like a dollar and one of those services is They transcribe your videos for the penny or a dollar.

When you take those transcriptions you uploaded your videos to YouTube they love it and helps them to rank your videos. Yes, their technology dissects that what you are saying and they can automatically put that in your video captions.

Free Youtube Subscriber

But still, you don’t care as much of your ranking or boost it will manually transcribe your videos and upload that into YouTube. Thanks, Neil Patel for teaching me viewership. But you can do that three months after uploading your videos on YouTube yes it is better than to do nothing.

5. Do SEO of your Videos:

This is the amazing tip that most people don’t know about YouTube is traditional SEO. YouTube typically looks out how your video does?  In four hours and most pacifically in 24 hours. If your videos booms in the 48 hours it gonna are very easy to rank it and for suggested.

So you need to make sure you pushing your videos sending out in your email on Social media networks. So that way everyone sees them and it will rank fast on YouTube.

6. Engage with your Viewers:

The 6 tips I have for you is asking for engaging within your video. For Example: If people you think they have a lot of questions about your need to ask them to leave a comment and you answered them in the comment.

Such as hey guys if you are sure that tip right now leaves a comment below and I will answer or you can tell people at the end of a video that makes sure you subscribe to my channel like this video and click on the bell for getting notifications of new videos.

These engagement tips help you to build up for the community so that way you can get more and more Free Youtube Subscribers through your YouTube channel.

So that now I will give you the best of luck to getting a 100K Free Youtube Subscriber within 12 months. I know I did it will the same work for you. If you like this article share it with your friends. So Good Bye Stay Safe.

Hamza Hashim

I'm a Freelancer having skills in SEO and Social Media Marketing with over three years of experience in these fields. I have worked for many brands. I have helped businesses to gain higher visibility in search engines. I am familiar with carrying out SEO optimization practices from small to large companies.

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