A lot of people have a Facebook page and post regular content, but they don’t get organic reach on Facebook. Businesses spend a lot of money on their Facebook pages for advertisements and many others, but they can also get organic reach on Facebook by following a step-by-step process.

What are the best ways to increase organic reach on Facebook? As Facebook continues to change its algorithm and make it harder for us to reach our audience, this is a question that marketers and business owners often ask.

The goal of any company is to grow its audience and have a strong social media presence. How do you grow your following? It’s not as hard as it seems all you need is a good strategy.

Facebook remains one of the most important channels for marketers today and understanding what works and what doesn’t is crucial. This is what we will discuss in this article. Follow my step-by-step guidelines if you want to Increase Facebook Organic reach in 2021 plus some bonus. These are proven techniques that I’m also using.

How Does Facebook Algorithm Works

First, to get more organic reach on Facebook, we must understand what are the Facebook algorithms looking for? And that is highly engaging content. They look for unique and new content that has not been published on Facebook.

Facebook wants users to lean in and feel good about the content that they’re consuming. To have a positive sentiment. Here are my four best content types for maximum organic reach. Most people don’t understand how it works and what you need to know in order to properly use it for your business. Following are my best Facebook Strategies that I’m using to increase reach on Facebook.

1. Publish More Video Content

The first main tip is to increase organic reach on Facebook is to publish more video content. Create quality videos to post on Facebook. Video content is not only engaging for the viewer, but it also helps your brands reach larger audiences and increases traffic to your website or blog through backlinks in the video description if you’re posting a more static video.

Facebook wants to become the next generation of digital streaming television. And they’re absolutely favoring video content in the news feed. My recommended ratio is 70% video, 20% photos, and only 10% links.

Links actually gets the lowest reach and the lowest engagement on Facebook. The good news, you can still put links into your photo and video posts.

2. Facebook Live Video Broadcasts

Use the Facebook live streaming feature. Facebook Live gets six times the engagement over regularly uploaded video. You can go live maybe once a week, more if you want.

Take advantage of Facebook’s live streaming feature to offer live content to your audience. When you’re broadcasting, make sure that you share the video on Facebook and Twitter with a link in order to maximize exposure. Live videos usually last for one hour before they expire

You can also promote the broadcast beforehand by posting about it from your page or invite people who are likely fans of what you do.

But once a week would be a great start. When you come live on Facebook your followers receive a notification that you have come live and they will come and watch your video and some of them may be shared your video on their timeline or in any Facebook group.

3. Host more Watch Parties

A Watch Party is where you take any public video, including your own, recorded or live, and you’re basically hosting it for your audience as if it’s life right now.

Facebook says people are 800 times more likely to comment on a Watch Party video than if they’re watching the video solo. And, remember, it’s all about engagement. Facebook wants us to create more community and connection through video content.

You can share your watch parties in different groups to gain more views and even you can ask your followers and viewers to share your video, that way you can get an organic boost on Facebook that will help you to increase Facebook organic reach.

Most people are active on social media while they’re watching a Livestream. Hosting a Watch Party when your channel is broadcasting can increase the number of people who tune in and stay tuned in to your live streams. The more live viewers you have, the better chance you’ll get organic reach from their friends seeing them watch your broadcast.

Sharing content before or after the event will help extend awareness for other broadcasts by giving them an extra boost in followers and likes. Content should be related to the topic at hand, but not too close (i.e., don’t post an exact quote). It’s about quality over quantity so make sure that what you share adds value to those viewing it watch parties are no exception here.

4. Ask Questions or Create Polls

It’s really easy. Ask simple, short questions. The key here is relevancy. You could ask, “Where’s your favorite place to go on vacation?” if you’re a travel company. But, that might not be relevant for every audience.

Most of the companies on Facebook are using the same strategy: they create a post with an image or video and add some text to it. You can try something different, like asking questions in your posts, you’re more likely to get engagement this way as people will be able to comment on what they want to be answered.

Empowering others is also important if you want them to follow you back when posting about topics that concern their lives. Invite them to share photos of themselves doing things related to your content, for example by visiting museums or going hiking in nature (as long as those activities align with your company’s mission). This way they’ll feel empowered and valued enough so that they don’t just scroll past your post without engaging.

So, make it relevant to your audience and watch your audience respond. To find questions, you can simply search on Google to find the question-answers related to your niche and audience.

5. Post Less Content

This is counterintuitive. But, I want you to try posting less content. People think if they just post more volume, they’ll reach more people. That’s counterintuitive. It’s not how the Facebook algorithm works.

Facebook wants you to focus on really good-quality posts and just slow down a bit. Maybe if you’re posting like three a day, try one a day. You’re more likely to reach your audience and get more engagement on that one post than trying to go with more volume.

Because facebook takes time to spread your post organically and if you post three a day, how can Facebook show three of them within one day? That’s why post less unless your audience really wants you to post twice.

Facebook now preferred posts without links or content. This means that you need to find new ways of posting, such as pictures with quotes overlays, and videos.

The last thing to keep in mind when it comes to Facebook posts is that there’s no need to be pushy. People will know when your trying too hard so just give them something worth responding back about.

Remember: Quality > Quantity

6. Share your Links on Other Social Media Platforms

This is one of my best and helpful tips. you can drive free website traffic from all kinds of other sources to your specific Facebook post. Every post on Facebook has its own unique link.

By sharing your Facebook post links on other social media platforms, you can increase your reach and make it easier for others to find you.

However, the downside of this approach is that sharing links from other platforms isn’t always easy. You will have to invest a lot of time in manually copying posts across different social media networks or use another app like Hootsuite instead.

7. Use Messenger Chatbot

Tip number seven is to integrate a messenger chatbot. People will be subscribed to receive messages from you in their messenger inbox. And you can send out reminders and updates.

Let them know when you have a new video, a new post, you’re going live on Facebook, and you’ll automatically reach more of your audience.

By using a messenger chatbot, you can have your company’s Facebook page monitor all the messages that are sent to it on a daily basis. This way, you will not miss out on any potential customer conversations or questions about products and services available at your brand!

Make sure that Messenger chatbot can be reached through different channels like email, text message, app store, etc.

For this purpose create links from other social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter, Instagram, and more. You’ll also need an official website for conversion purposes. Having a website for your businesses is very important in this hectic world.

8. Manage your Ads Budget

The eighth tip is to allocate ads budget for your best-performing content. Now I know this is an article all about getting better organic reach. It’s kind of counterintuitive, but it really works.

You can amplify the organic reach with even a nominal budget, and you’ll see the reach of that post and your others will start to gain more traction, more reach, and more engagement, even with a small amount of ad budget. And now for that bonus round I mentioned. I’m gonna share three things that will absolutely zap your organic reach on Facebook.

Things You Should Not Do on Facebook

These are some of the most common mistakes that people are doing on Facebook and that’s the reason their organic reach on Facebook is not growing.

Don’t Even Bother Posting YouTube Links

YouTube is Facebook’s biggest competitor when it comes to video, and the algorithms pick up that you’ve posted a YouTube video, and you’ll hardly get any reach. In fact, youtube is a great tool for bloggers.

However, you might wanna test this one. I have a friend that has a page with about 25,000 fans and he recently got over half a million organic reach on a YouTube video. So sometimes you just never know, and you have to test.

Avoid what Facebook Calls Engagement Bait

That is where you’re trying to cause your audience to engage with you in an inauthentic or inorganic manner and Facebook actually listens to your video, including your Live video while you’re broadcasting for any of those trigger words.

Things like the comment below, and please like, and please share. So think of other ways that you can do that. What are your thoughts? What do you think? How have you experienced this? Let us know your thoughts below etc, don’t try these things.

Avoiding Being Completely Off-Topic and Irrelevant

You know your audience best and what they come to you for. So, try not to stray too far from your brand messaging and your brand topics. So, bottom line, to increase your organic reach, Facebook is looking for highly engaging content, specifically, video posts and Facebook Live, one of my personal favorite ways to reach my audience.

Don’t make your Facebook posts too long or else they will not be seen. There is a character limit on all Facebook feeds, but it’s best to keep them short so that you’re more likely to show up in people’s newsfeeds and get noticed by other users.

The post should also have the keyword at least once in each paragraph as well as near the top of the article text – don’t forget this key SEO step. This will make sure any potential readers can find your content based on their search terms and either read it online or click through to another page where they are able to read it offline if need be.

Benefits of Facebook Organic Reach

When we talk about organic SEO or Organic Facebook results, there are a lot of common benefits. that come to mind. Following are some benefits of organic reach.

  • You don’t have to pay for SEO services, like PPC (Pay Per Click), etcetera
  • Your CTRs are higher because your content is being shown in a relevant playlist on Facebook or Google Search results pages based on the keywords you’re targeting
  • There’s more long-term value because people continue coming back and engaging with your site which means they’ll see future posts as well when it comes time for them to search again.
  • The biggest benefit of Facebook’s organic reach is that it’s one of the most affordable ways to get your content out there and in front of people.


Hopefully, you enjoyed this content and found it easy to understand how you can use my proven step-by-step techniques to increase your organic reach on Facebook. Remember to share content because sharing is caring. Stay tuned for more wonderful information.

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