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How to Make Money by Starting Your Own Blog?

8 Steps to Making Your Blog Successful - Passive Income Online Blogging

Some blogs are really generating thousands and thousands of dollars per day. You can’t believe me but it’s true. All you need to do is to choose a specific niche, write high-quality content, and start building links to get traffic on your website.

There are many people that generating 5 to 10 thousand dollars per month from their blog. Today I’m gonna teach you How to Make Money by Starting Your Own Blog. The method is very simple if you select a profitable niche.

The first thing you need to do is to select a niche (topic). How do you know what the blog about so pick a niche to blog about what you’re passionate about? Like Gaming, Technology, Fashion, or anything else.

If you were really passionate about something you should probably consider that about blogging. Blog about what you love and passionate about that niche. It is very important to select a niche that you really love or like to write about that niche.

Find The Broad Topics in your Niche

Find The Broad Topics in your Niche


These are some main topics that are in trends and people making a lot of money by doing this niche. So make sure you select the right niche according to your passion.

For Example:

I passionate about Technology, Blogging, Online Earning, and more. If you like to write about clothing than you can start a blog on this niche. But where do you start? First, you need the domain and If you’re just starting a new blog, you should use Namecheap.

They are the biggest and most well-known hosting and domain company and I worked out a deal with them where you can get started for just $3.88 a month (10 GB SSD storage and 50K users bandwidth per month).

Sing Up for hosting account. Install WordPress and start writing the article. Once you have started writing articles there are few things you need to know. Writing articles is easy but creating high-quality content and SEO optimized content is not easy.

The first thing is if it is not appealing people cannot read it so think about it. Create a beautiful article by using heading tags and pictures. Then find other peoples who are interested in writing your articles.

How to manage your headings?

The other important thing is your headlines. Your headlines need to be appealing. Go to they teach you how to manage your heading and they also give you a tool in that you pat a keyword and it will give you all the possible readings of the keyword.

Now the other important thing is an outline of your article.

You write them and it has subheadings so just write the introduction write the conclusion add in your subheading and then post it. That’s how you get started your first blog post. When you writing your first blog post each paragraph does not use 5 to 6 lines.

The paragraph has to be 5 to 6 lines what’s gonna happen?

The maximum lines are 4 to 5. Its gonna be too over roaming for peoples no one want to read a 5 to 6 line paragraph its just too much.

Also, use You and I word in your blog post that’s the way it is like a conversation. Peoples are interacting and engaging with you and then they leave comments about why because your content is engaging. You can also ask a question at the end of your conclusion which will help you to create more engagement.

Because that way the people leave more comments and ask questions and when they leave a comment to respond to them this will increase your website traffic and people like you.

If someone asks you a question in person than respond to them and if you also ask a question I will give you an answer in the comment. When you respond to people they like to be in your community to know more about that article or niche. So when you started posted articles post 1 article in a week but ideally it is three.

Over six months or a year you can create a big base of readers. As you build a big base of readers you can use or to send them a notification when you post a new article.

They are free hello bar is after email subscription for someone who can subscribe to your blog by entering their email and get notified every time you release a new blog post.

Make Money by Starting Your Own Blog

As subscribers they send them people hey you receive a notification from zBlogging or whatever your blog is so people come back to check what that is new. So people keep coming back to your site and then you can monetize in a few ways.

How to make money by Google Ads for more methods?

As subscribers they send them people hey you receive a notification from zBlogging or whatever your blog is so people come back to check what that is new. So people keep coming back to your site and then you can monetize in a few ways by using Google Adsense or any affiliate platform.

You Can Earn Through Affiliate Links

You can also use affiliate links like Click Bank by that you promote products and services within your space and every time you generate a sale for someone else you will get a commission that’s called affiliate marketing that’s a really simple way to make money from your blog. The third way that’s my favorites why not sell your own services or products.

Let us say you have a site about fashion you can sell your cosmetics products at a cheap price. Like you can sell Birch Box or an E-book. Amazon Affiliate is my favorite way to earn money.

The same as man’s fashions like new jeans paint, dress shirts, branded watches, and more that are in trends today. This all will start your direct money generating and now it is your choice from where you want to start. But at the same time, you don’t use Click Bank and Google AdSense.

Just be partitions give 6 months or a year to your blog and start generating money from your home. Just like anything worthwhile well it takes time. So if you have any questions you can leave a question. 

So I hope you liked this information about “Make Money by Starting Your Own Blog” and if you like it please don’t forget to share this with friends. Make Money by Starting Your Own Blog

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