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Most Important Parameters of Google My Business

An important step in any local SEO strategy should be your own entry in Google My Business. If you use this tool, you increase your chances of landing well and prominently on Google Maps, in Google’s Local Pack, in the Local Finder, and in the organic ranking.

Regardless of whether it is a group, a medium-sized company, or a solo preneur: Every entrepreneur should be concerned with how he can be found online. This is particularly important if your own customers are won in this way – especially for small and medium-sized companies.

But how do you manage to assert yourself against the mass of competitors and to position yourself well with Google and the local search engine optimization?

Google My Business provides considerable added value. This is a free business entry from Google that appears on the right side of the search results – in the so-called Knowledge Panel.

Even if Google automatically creates the entry for every company with a valid address, you should be active for your company and optimize your entry in order to improve your Google placement in the local search results.

How to Optimize your Listing on Google My Business

1. Fill out your profile completely

Give Google all the information you need to describe yourself and your company precisely and thus to record it exactly. Slaviness is punished. Therefore, you should fill out all fields completely and as accurately as possible.

You will also be constantly reminded by Google: In order to avoid the penetrance of the search engine, you should provide fresh information every few weeks and update your “Google My Business” account.

2. Include relevant and useful keywords

With Google My Business, too, nothing beats the important key terms. You have 750 characters free to guide your customers to your entry with useful and multi-value content and the right keywords.

And you also help Google yourself: This is the only way to determine which products and services your company offer and for which search query Google should play out your entry.

3. Keep your basic information up to date and write it correctly

Google calls this information NAP (“Name, Address, Phone”). This will help Google to crawl your website more precisely.

Tip at this point: Pay attention to the exact spelling of your data, which you also store on your website or in business directories. Consistency counts here and ensures a clear assignment.

4. Enter Relevant categories

In Google My Business you can enter a primary category that best describes your business. In addition, you shouldn’t miss filling out other categories. This will help Google better understand you.

5. Include your website address and other URLs

You can enter various website addresses in your account. In addition to your website, you should also include URLs for various features or options for your customers. This could be, for example, “make an appointment”, “reserve a table” or “place an order”.

You should always keep your customers’ search intentions in mind and include the relevant information for your company.

6. Blogging on Google My Business

Even if it is not necessarily a blog that Google My Business offers you: at least you have the option to publish fresh content in the form of posts on your account.

In addition to a short teaser field in which you make your contribution tasty for your customers, you can also enter an image and a URL.

For example, if you bid on a new product, you can promote it via Google My Business and put it in the online shop window. In this way, you present your customers with information useful for their search intent.


When optimizing your “Google My Business” account, you should be aware that even if it is implemented consistently, there is no guarantee that you will land prominently in Google’s universe.

Only Google can tell you which factors are decisive in order to be displayed directly in Google Maps, for example.

One last tip: pay attention to quality in your profile and background picture. Because vivid and format-appropriate images not only please Google but also your customers.

Hamza Hashim

I'm a Freelancer having skills in SEO and Social Media Marketing with over three years of experience in these fields. I have worked for many brands. I have helped businesses to gain higher visibility in search engines. I am familiar with carrying out SEO optimization practices from small to large companies.

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