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8 SEO Strategies to Boost Ranking on Google

Everyone is just looking to rank no 1 on Google. But why? Here is the answer. If you rank number 1 on Google, it’s mean you will get a lot of visitors. that means a lot of sales. But how you can do it?

Hey everyone, in this post you will know 8 SEO Strategies to boost ranking on Google in an intelligent way, stay because I will give you very practical tips for this year 2020. All these techniques are actionable that I have used to grow my traffic and now I’m sharing with you.

First, you have to know that SEO has stopped being as “technical” to become “human” as it’s never before. Tricks like putting the keywords in bold or on the permalink have lost their power, and it was time for the truth.

Google is really focusing on the experience of users, bone-in people and this is corroborated by a study conducted by SEMrush in which it reveals the strongest SEO factors of this year:

  • Direct visits to the domain
  • Site time
  • Bounce Rate
  • Pages / session

If your website does not represent an experience of value for users Google will begin to doubt the quality of your content, the bone will not give you the first places.

Then it is clear that a good SEO today is nothing more than the reflection of pleasant user satisfaction within your website and apply some SEO tricks. So here are the 8 SEO Strategies to Boost Ranking on Google. All of these are very easy to do.

Here are 8 SEO Strategies to Boost Ranking on Google

1. Solve the user’s Problem

Many think they visit their website for pleasure, you must understand that the user is looking for a solution to a problem and the best strategy is to give it as you wish.

Do not disappoint with poor content, it almost always happens that the SEO title is more or promises more than your content is worth. And if you only need the answer to a question you don’t want to make a 1,500-word text either, give it the easy solution and you will be satisfied.

If your content is the one that solves the need more efficiently, Google would not have to deny you the first places. And this goes above the design of your website, your backlinks, even the loading time if you really manage to provide great value.

Focus then on your content being the best solution among those 10 results of each SERP and great things will happen.

2. Improve Website Speed

I do not know why they think that improving loading time is the same as having almost text-only pages and not displaying or images, the only thing you achieve with this is that the user stops using your content.

The key that nobody tells you is, do not be afraid to hire a powerful (expensive) hosting. Much less to a VPS server and even dedicated (yes, although it sounds strange to you), that could very well solve your life.

Accompanying it with a code clean, a good file compression and a great cache system (you can use Cloudflare too) you will get a speed that the competition doesn’t even think about.

It is not always to leave your website as a skeleton, and obviously you can also use lazy loading techniques. With which you manage to load the elements as the user uses them. A good loading time Google has always prioritized it.

3. Get Backlinks in your Industry

Ok, not that the backlinks have been devalued, in fact, they still have great power. But they have to be of premium quality.

They must be from a site related to your niche and Google knows that here is the hard work, since you may have to get links from your competitors. They are your letters of recommendation, so with a few of high reputation, you can get a great look in the eyes of the search engine.

This is the main mistakes that every newbie has been doing. Create backlinks in your niche and I will prefer Quality over Quantity. One high-quality backlink is better than 100 low-quality backlinks with no link juice. My advice is to be very selective, so you may have to reject some proposals.

If it is a site that you think is complicated to accept, start by doing something for it . Give a post that may result in good traffic (which you were saving for your website), detect some errors that site has and mention them to your team (this is much appreciated).

Or make a personal gift to the person who can allow you to get that desired backlink and do not miss the opportunity. You can send them a pitch like this.

8 SEO Strategies to Boost Ranking on Google

In return, the other person is agreed and he featured my article on his blog. Always write how your article can help their visitors.

4. Make the LEGO Strategy with your Content

Most blogs are very disposable, I don’t know if it doesn’t happen to you, but 11 of 10 times when I search for something on Google I find it on a page, I close it and I totally forget about it.

You have to find a way for the user to enter another of your pages or content. This will improve the bounce rate and the metric “time on the site” and “pages/session” of your blog or online store, ceasing to be used only “for a while.”

The latter is what we apply in this article, in which much of the relevant information is shown if you visit other sections, without causing a bad experience. Create user-friendly interference.

5. Attract your Visitors 

This is directly related to the previous strategy: If you created a post about apples and the user also needs that of bananas, they also offer it.

That is why most pages are tragically abandoned because they have nothing more to offer the user. That’s why the big online stores like that go for a product, they will offer you all the complementary ones.

The clearest example is Google, which, in order to survive, stopped offering only a search engine and began to create more apps so that they did not leave their site and users remained around it.

If you have an online store and sell stoves, sell them also the gas tank (not literal). If you offer video production services, put them in audio. You can partner with another company if you don’t want to distort your business model, but the goal is for everything to be done on your site.

6. Do not Focus on One or Two Keywords

If you work with a new website do not go against the flow and do not want to compete instantly for those saturated keywords. Be smarter and support your lower weight keyword content. Suppose you want to position content for “sports wheels”

Do not put all your efforts in this sentence, take advantage of other phrases around this need:

  • Wheel sales: 1,300 searches / month
  • Vocho wheels: 2,400 searches / month
  • Wheels and tires: 1,900 searches / month

If you position well in these keywords of less weight they will help you to rank on a difficult keyword that you crave, with the passage of time. It is obvious that if you are starting to be quite specific (use longtails), I put it this way:

From the search “sports wheels” to “sports wheels 15” there is a gap of incredible difficulty, although you cannot perceive it. Because of its competition.

7. Have the vision to Discover Growing Keywords

This is something that works great. In the internet world, it matters who comes first and you can bet on keywords that will soon be a success.

Stop focusing on those that are already saturated and start looking at those that could attract a large number of users in a short time.

What we do is analyze those keywords with large searches in other languages ​​or regions, but in our market, they still have few queries.

If you take advantage of this, you will be the first to attack these key phrases and probably when they become more wanted, keep your position.

To do your keyword research work, you can use the “Wordtracker” or “Ubersuggest” tool that can be used for free to some extent.

8. Objective: focus on the “User Experience”

Yahoo and other search engines always gave dead and irrelevant results, Google focused on the “human” part.

Although it sounds weird to think like Google, because if you focus on people you can be well classified by its principles, which have always prioritized the UX, but today they do it like never before.

Forget a few metrics such as the number of visits or users and ask yourself better if they are finding what they need on your site in the most harmonious way.

Taking care of UX-related metrics such as “pages/session” and “site time” will give you better results than trying black SEO techniques.

Put it into practice and you will notice that it is one of the best investments you can make. Well, this has been my contribution, I hope you loved it like me, do not forget to check other good content in this blog where you can learn and grow a lot.

Hamza Hashim

I'm a Freelancer having skills in SEO and Social Media Marketing with over three years of experience in these fields. I have worked for many brands. I have helped businesses to gain higher visibility in search engines. I am familiar with carrying out SEO optimization practices from small to large companies.

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