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3 Actionable SEO Tips to Rank on Google in 2020

So you want to rank your website at the top of Google and I hate to break it. It is very hard to do and nowadays in fact, if you don’t read this article to the very end I guarantee you won’t even get on the front page let alone ranked at the top.

Today I’m going to show you 3 Actionable SEO Tips to Rank on Google in 2020 that you can implement right now. So you can ensure that you get on the front page of Google and ranked at the top. Now when it comes to ranking websites guys a lot of people are still stuck in the old ages.

They think that all they need to do is stuff their pages with spam keywords and spam backlinks and they’re going to rank at the top. This does not work anymore because of Google Algorithms updates. In fact, if you keep doing this you are damaging your website.

So right now we’re gonna jump to these 3 Actionable SEO Tips to Rank on Google in 2020.

1. Page Speed

Start with number 1 and this is probably one of the most important. Ones if you don’t get this right you have no chance of ranking. So number 1 is website speed optimization and this includes hosting and some other things. If you can get a hosting plan that is faster than your competitors you have a better chance of ranking.

Now Google has a lot of ranking factors but this is one of the critical ones from 2020 and always and I’ve tested this myself. Page speed is one of the most important ranking factors.

What you want to do is make sure you can get on a hosting plan that has the first bite of at least 200 milliseconds or less. If you can get it under one millisecond you’re even doing better another thing that slows websites down.

2. Image Optimization

The second thing is optimizing your images before you upload it to your website. There are some WordPress Plugins for image optimization but they did not work well. So I want to suggest you that do this task manually. Let’s go to a website called Tiny PNG.

5 Actionable SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2020Once you’re on this website simply upload the images that you want to upload to your website. Tiny PNG will optimize all the images and then you can upload them to your website. It compresses images of about 30% to 50%.

So you have literally just cut the size of those images in half and that is going to drastically increase the speed of your website instantly. Images optimization and speed optimization both are the most important SEO Tips to Rank on Google.

It is something that you can do for free. It is a simple tweak that you should be doing on your website. Any way to help user experience this is the critical step that you need to do before starting your website. You need to have good hosting and you need to make sure you are uploading optimized proper images.

3. Create Engaging Content

The third factor is YEC stands for user engaging content. The number one thing you want to do is that the content you have is long and engaging. You can include videos, images, infographics and to break up the text breaking out the text is quite important.

Because if someone goes to your site and all they can see is text. Their key reading text they’re going to get sick of it. Psychologically humans especially in today’s day and age we want to see images and videos. We want to interact with things.

When we go to the website if you go look at the keyword that you’re trying to rank for right now. You will have competitors that have images and videos. Because they work to use a user experience is really critical.

Now because this is one of the major ranking factors in Google. If you don’t have a good user experience on your website you simply won’t rank. That comes down to a lot of things your competitors are probably better than you and Google just won’t like your content.

Because it doesn’t have a good user experience. So here’s a quick tip what you want to do is. You want to go and find the keyword you’re trying to rank for and you want to go and get all of the top 10 competitors. Now check out their websites.

You want to get the average word count of their content and you want to be around about that or more than that okay. So if the average word count is a thousand. Then you have to create content from about 1500 to 2000. Create better content than your competitors.

The competitors have and you want to have a better user experience than them. Because Google will start to love you more and Google starts you put you up in the ranks above your competitors. The best way to do that is to break up your text with images and videos.

If you don’t have images than at least use images because this helps the user experience. When you have images they stop from scrolling and they check it out. Then they keep scrolling and they keep scrolling. It’s like a break in the text to get them engaged in your content.

3. Keyword Research

Now step number three guys are so important. And everybody always gets this wrong everybody always tries to rank for the most competitive keywords.

For example, I have searched a keyword on “how to make money online”.

Google Ranking Factors in 2020

You cannot rank for that because it’s so competitive. As you can see that it has 90 Paid Difficulty. So what you would want to do is choose a longtail keyword. Start with a long-tail keyword when you have a new website.

When your website does not have any domain authority and page authority and you target a short-tail keyword then probably you will not rank for that specific keyword. Because there are already highly competitive websites on Google.

When you write an article there are some things you have to follow. Put the keyword in the title, meta description, image alt tag and in your content also. Content so let’s say you have a content of a thousand words. You want to put how to make money for free on Pinterest.

At least repeat your keyword 5 to 7 times in your article. Don’t do keyword stuffing. It is a Black Hat SEO Technique which Google doesn’t like. Don’t go against Google otherwise, it gives you a penalty. Just follow the SEO Tips to Rank on Google that I have shared with you.

So here are some simple and basic SEO Tips to Rank on Google. I hope that these techniques will help you to improve your ranking on Google. If you liked it please share it with others because sharing is caring. If you have any questions about these SEO Tips to Rank on Google please leave a comment below.

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