The Power of Youtube for Bloggers

My goal with this post is to hit you a little more YouTube, the Google video channel and focus this service as if it were a natural extension for your blog regardless of the theme you have. Today I’m going to talk about The Power of Youtube for Bloggers.

The truth and incidentally, I am not an expert on YouTube, I can not preach much with the example (or yes, I do not know), in fact, this is the first post I write about this social network (because it is right ?) In which I also have a presence (here you have the official YouTube blog channel), unlike the rest of social networks where I have written several publications.

I hope this content allows you to discover and motivate you to plan to incorporate YouTube into your content strategy. You can also learn a lot of things by creating a Youtube channel. So let’s start.

Some data about Youtube

Youtube is the second largest search engine. More significant even if we add Bing + Yahoo + Ask + DuckDuckGo and more. Youtube has over one billion unique visitors per month. It has six billion hours of video watched per month.

One hundred hours of video are uploaded every minute. 80% of traffic comes from outside the United States. YouTube is located in 61 countries and supports 61 languages. More than 400 tweets per minute confine a YouTube video. Today everyone wants to watch a video instead of reading an article with over 4K words.

Benefits of Video in Your Publications

Any post you have on your blog, if in addition to the written content and images, has a video, it will add much more value and is undoubtedly a plus of quality. This element (the video) will give you:

  • Transmit and enhance the central message of the publication.
  • Your post has a more significant visual impact.
  • It is an important differentiator.
  • It will increase the average time spent on your site.
  • It is a viral component, and a video can cause many more people to share your post.


If bloggers are continually writing and optimizing our posts on our blog, a YouTuber is the person behind a YouTube channel. Therefore their daily work is based on the creation of audiovisual content as well as optimizing their chain for achieving greater visibility within the YouTube search engine.

I understand that I can fall short, with this definition. Still, I also understand that as a blogger you are, you will value YouTubers as creative people, who are passionate about what they do, wanting to share and just like bloggers with us Enough motivation for your new videos to be better than the previous ones.

A YouTuber has no “followers”, it has subscribers, and it is above all that figure that is trying to increase with the daily work on his channel. Other important metrics for a YouTuber are the viewing minutes or the number of views (equivalent to the page views and the average time for us).

Boosting and optimizing your videos so that they appear in the first results of YouTube searches is an important factor in getting a dent.

If my followers appreciate the way of explaining and writing, the personal qualities of a Youtuber are also very demanding, and I recognize that no one in front of a camera does it.

The way you speak, the way you dress, your space, the way you interact, and of course, the theme, are the necessary ingredients to become a prominent YouTuber.

How Much Does It Cost to Create Video?

Can I answer you with another question; How much does it cost you to take a picture? Well, the same, nothing, I explain. Today and with all the technology that surrounds us, making a full HD 1080px video is another feature of our smartphone or tablet.

Therefore you should consider that the technical aspect should not be an obstacle at this point. Many times and that also happens to what they get into the world of blogging, and this question is used as an excuse for that to do nothing.

You will laugh at your first video in a year, and through the experience of having published better videos every day, however, that first video was the trigger, the initial seed.

A tripod, take care of the lighting and framing and commute from photo to video is all you need, and of course, you have a script and desire to undertake. First version and then keep improving.

If you are a professional photographer, you may be pulling your hair, understand that bloggers need efficient solutions, especially at the beginning, nobody doubts that a good photo sells and has a price.

What Tools to Use to Edit Video?

There are many on the market, some simple as MovieMaker for Windows users or iMovie if you have a Mac or even for iPhone or iPad. You can also use Google Hangouts or capture the movement on your screen using, for example, Quicktime.

However, I recommend you check the online Video editor itself that incorporates YouTube, with which you can do the simplest thing like Crop, transitions, correct the color, speed up to for example add subtitles and links. Check-in YouTube Creators Center.

About the Use of Youtube by Iniciablog

I have a clear objective concerning YouTube, and it is to incorporate all my tutorials of an explanatory video (it is within my promises for 2014). I capture the video and audio using Quicktime to publish it on my YouTube channel later.

I try to improve with each of them, especially taking care of the time and trying to focus on particular issues. I have re-tagged my tickets, and in all of those in which I have a video, I have added the video tutorial tag.

In addition to the above, having a company (brand) page on Google+ allows you to show the public videos associated with your YouTube channel, look at my page on Google+ so you understand what I want to tell you.

The monetization of the Channel and Videos

The monetization of the video is a mouse click; that is, each video you publish can indicate whether advertising is displayed or not. Before this, you must request Partner from YouTube, for this it is best to review this official information.

At this point, the same thing happens with a blog; that is if you intend to set up a blog to make money in the short term, you are bound to fail.

There are success stories, and even YouTube has subscription payment channels, to achieve this goal is to open a payment channel on YouTube, in addition to the content logically, a requirement is a free channel with more than 10,000 active subscribers.

Now I hope you understand the power of Youtube for bloggers. If you are not a blogger then it is okay you can also start a Youtube Channel but you have to make quality content because the content is king.