What Are The Risks of Being a Freelancer?

Freelancing is better than doing a 9 to 5 job because you get to work whenever you want. You decide your working hours, workload, and even the service cost for a specific project. But you have to pay off for it.

Freelancing is a double-edged sword because it would be hard for you to get out of that situation and start afresh if things go wrong.

Being a freelancer is a great way to work on your terms, but some common risks are associated with it. I’ve outlined the main ones below so that you’re prepared and can continue working for yourself.

Attracting Bad Clients

As a freelancer, you will have to find clients who would want your services in their business. Who knows, if that client is bad news, it would be hard for you to get out of the contract without suffering loss and damage from penalties.

You need to know how legal contracts work so you can protect yourself from this trap. Don’t only focus on the rate or service charge they would pay but also think about what else they’d like from you as a contingency for them giving you their project/job.

That’s when that “mild” or “okay” situation starts turning into something more serious and abusive because, aside from lowering the rate or service charge, you have to do more than what is written in the contract.

Poor Work Environment

If you are a freelancer and you are not reaching your goals because of the poor work environment, it’s time to move on. You have to be flexible with who you choose as clients because there are lots of them that would give great growth opportunities. Don’t let yourself be limited by one client if they put too much stress and pressure on your job performance.

Job Security Issues

As a freelance worker, aside from having thousands of competitors nearby, many workers may also turn online and try their luck doing the same thing like freelancing leaving no job security for workers like you.

Worse, suppose you cannot satisfactorily deliver your client’s job and still want to keep the contract. In that case, that’s when this could get harder, especially if your schedule is limited due to other responsibilities at home or with family.

Time Management Issues

As a freelancer, it is hard to manage time well because clients are demanding their requirements on deadlines and workloads most of the time. You have no idea how stressful this can be unless you are freelancing yourself.

It would be great to have people helping you out so that things won’t become too tiring and demanding but who knows? Even people helping you out may not necessarily mean that they will help all the way or are reliable, so you need to make sure that you plan everything well.

Financial Issues

You might think that being a freelancer would get you by because of the freedom, flexibility, and creativity it gives but not really. Most people don’t know how to manage their finances wisely because they never become independent from their parents due to a lack of skills or knowledge of financial management.

Learning how to handle your money is as important as doing the job itself because, without good financial sense, things won’t go your way even if you do have all the opportunities in the world ready for you to grab.

Managing Tax Issues as a Freelancer

One of the main issues freelancers are concerned about is taxes. You need to worry about your paycheck stub size and how much taxes we are paying. You need to know these because it is directly connected to your paycheck.

When you are employed, the taxes are deducted from your paycheck. As a freelancer, you need to pay it separately. You need to pay your paycheck stub’s taxes on your paycheck tips.

So how do you know what amount of paycheck to give yourself? Luckily there’s an easy way to keep track of it all, and that’s paystubs. You can pay tax using paystubs and get your paycheck stubs.

Lack of Trusted Network

Freelancing may give you freedom and flexibility at work, but you might find yourself becoming more isolated at some point in life because most of the people who trusted you before will disappear and go their own way. When this happens, don’t be surprised if you ended up feeling alone and unwanted because even your colleagues become distant from you.

No Social Security Benefits

Freelancing may not give you social security benefits in the long run, but then again, it depends on how many years have passed since you became a freelancer and how many contribution points do you have so far.

Suppose an accident or sickness suddenly comes your way to prevent you from doing regular work for three consecutive months or more.

In that case, the government would assist by giving temporary wage benefits to support with medical bills and living expenses until the worker gets back on track. The same applies to those whose working hours became shorter because of their disability.

Lack of Work Benefits

The only thing you should expect from a job is your salary and benefits. Still, if, as a freelancer, you are not reaching that goal because of the poor work environment or lack of skills, then it’s useless trying to survive in this kind of lifestyle, especially when you have no one who can help out with money in emergencies.

As I’ve said earlier, take everything into account before plunging yourself deep into freelancing work-life. There are great things about being a freelancer, but there are also some downsides that could crush your hopes and dreams, like what happened to me. Don’t let yourself turn into an uns worker.

Large Commute Time

Have you noticed that many freelancers spend too much time commuting from one workplace to another? It just shows how stressful their situations are because if everything’s great about the job, why would they take extra time to commute? It makes sense because if a freelancer’s schedule is packed with too much work and meetings, then there’s no time for leisure, and so they take the extra mile to catch more clients over at their offices.

Less Time for Personal Development

In this competitive world, it is always great that you develop yourself as a person with new skills, but how can you become better when most of your time is spent dealing with issues related to your job? Aside from the financial management problems you might encounter, this problem could hit freelancers even harder, especially when they put their health at risk by never resting properly.

Increased Stress Levels

As I have mentioned earlier, being a freelancer means having many issues to deal with daily. Even small things from your clients could get you mad so imagine the bigger problems that need to be taken care of promptly. All these stress levels can make you ill over time because it will affect your health and your relationships with people who are close in life.

No Medical Benefits

Since freelancers work independently from their bosses, this means no medical benefits when an accident or sickness suddenly comes along. It is seriously bad news, and you would have to hope that you won’t experience any major accidents like having an arm severed off by machinery, for instance.

If ever something terrible happens and there’s no insurance provider available, then most likely, your family will suffer in the long run. Health insurance in the US, for instance, is quite expensive.

No Guaranteed Income

No income is better than a guaranteed income, and you might find that freelancing does not offer any guarantee or contract when it comes to working. If you have no job, you won’t get paid at all, so there’s a good chance that many people will leave everything behind in search of other ways to make themselves more noticeable in the line of work.

If ever this happens, don’t be surprised if you become one of them because getting settled somehow in life is what everyone wants, especially when dealing with financial problems build up day after day over time.

Bottom Line

The freelancing industry is growing rapidly, and it’s harder than ever to find the right tools for your business. Paystubs 24/7 has been helping freelancers with their paystub needs. We are the go-to service for freelance businesses in all industries, including tech, fashion, design, marketing, and more. With Paystubs 24/7, you can create professional-looking invoices that will help build trust with your clients so they feel comfortable paying on time every time.

As long as you manage your finances and paystub well and have a great work ethic, then there’s no reason why you should not consider becoming one of the rewards are that you’re after. However, make sure that you do freelance work because it can help you achieve your goals in life.


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