When we perform a search, for example, in Google, we see a list of different results. Usually, we look at the first results. And if we want our business to appear in a good position, how do we get it? The answer is SEO. But the question is, What is Search Engine Optimization?

It is the process of improving the visibility of a website, positioning it in the main search engines, understood how to google, yahoo, etc. SEO is a type of organic positioning; since it is not paid to appear in the best positions, it is achieved through tricks, strategies, and functional development of the site.

SEO has a branding value since users associate the excellent positioning of the website with the prestige of the brand. Being in a better place generates a more significant number of visits.

What factors does SEO take into account?

SEO merges two elements. On the one hand, it considers how search engines work, and on the other, how users search. It is imperative to optimize the website to facilitate the information contained on our website so that the search engines position us correctly. Therefore, investigate how users search our products or services in search engines is essential to obtain good results.

How do search engines work?

To carry out a successful strategy, you need to know how search engines work. First, always keep in mind that search engines meet the information needs of users. The results are updated regularly using algorithms, which means that the positions can change.


The web pages that tell you how to make chocolate chip cookies may not be closely related to the message you’re trying to convey regarding that recipe. That’s why Google looks first for closely related web pages to your keyword.

The most relevant pages may not merely appear at the top of Google’s search results because there are many thousands (or even millions) of relevant pages for each search term.

For example, the keyword “cookie recipes” brings up 349 million results in Google.

What are the Benefits of SEO?

SEO offers different benefits and utilities. It is essential to understand that not all businesses use this tool with the same objective, and therefore the strategies will not be the same; there is no strict guideline to follow. Every business has a different SEO strategy.

We must generate searches for the product or service that we offer. For example, if we have a very novel product, and therefore, nonexistent for our possible target audience, they will not be made. That is why we need to carry out marketing actions in advance to know.

Therefore, we must avoid using the SEO tool as an independent strategy. That is, it must be integrated into our marketing plan. Achieving total cohesion of all our actions will ensure that we make the objectives set.

Also, you can provide SEO services on freelance job sites to earn money.

Why we follow Google Search Engine?

The top source of traffic is search, as you can see: Almost 86% of all internet traffic originates from Google searches, and if you add in the traffic from other popular search engines (like Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube), 14% of all traffic is derived from these search engines.

Some Popular Search Engines:

  • Google (With Over 86% of the Search Market Share)
  • DuckDuckGo ( Secure than Google )
  • Youtube ( For Videos )
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Baidu ( Chinese SE )
  • Yandex ( Russian SE )
  • Startpage ( For Private Search )
  • AOL ( For News )
  • Pinterest ( Mostly for Images )
  • Ask ( For QNA )

Types of Search Engine Optimization

There are four types of SEO only.

  • On-page SEO refers to “all measures that can be taken directly within the website to improve its position in the search rankings. It is the practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. It refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized.
  • Off-page SEO refers to indirect activities like generating backlinks that happen away from your website. It is also called “off-site SEO”, which refers to actions taken outside your website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Technical SEO is a method of improvements you can make to increase your chances of ranking in search. It includes improving your website speed, checking SSL, your domain preferred version and much more.
  • Local SEO practices can differ because the goal is to show up for searches that include phrases like “near me” or “in X area.” It is used to rank local businesses in a specific area only.

Explore more Important SEO Terminology to Know

Some Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

Many newbies have questions in their minds before starting learning SEO., so I have collected the most popular questions, and I’m going to answer them for you.

Is SEO a Good Career?

A career as an SEO or professional online marketer is one of the best careers for smart and passionate individuals, but it’s not for the faint-hearted. The SEO industry is always evolving, which is why it’s very challenging.

You can become successful in SEO by learning and applying your skills practically. SEO is more important than ever! It’s still one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies that drive long-term results.

How Long Does it Take to Learn SEO?

You can learn the basics of SEO within 1 to 3 months. The basics of search engine optimization can be learned within three months, while the more advanced concepts take anywhere between 6-18 months. This depends on how much information you consume daily and whether you learn from experts.

Is Seo a Hard Skill to Learn?

At first, SEO seems complicated, but once you learn Google’s algorithms, you can rank your website up in no time. Just keep apprised of its algorithmic changes and new policies. SEO takes time and patience. To achieve success in SEO, you need to be willing to devote the time and effort required.

There are a ton of resources online you can use to learn SEO. Who knows, you may even become an SEO expert in no time.

How can I learn SEO for free?

You can learn SEO for free by watching the online courses and applying all the things you have learned from the course. Create your website and apply A to Z all the things, or you can use clients’ websites to learn and rank it on Google, and even I learned SEO from my client’s websites. Further, you can follow zBlogging to learn about SEO.

Can you do SEO Yourself?

Yes, you can do it easily. Like if you have learned the whole SEO process. Then, do keyword research, write content with proper on-page SEO optimization, and create backlinks to rank that keyword. It takes time to get results, and you need patience for that. Start two websites at a time and apply different strategies according to your mind.

What Is Search Engine Optimization in Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization is a branch of Digital marketing. After that, it is divided into different types and techniques that I have shared above. Still, If you have some questions, let me know in the comments.

Conclusion: So I hope you understand what Search Engine Optimization is and why we use Google search engine guidelines. SEO is not very difficult. If you have passion and dedication, you can do anything. I hope you liked this information, so please don’t forget to share it because sharing is caring

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