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What is the Difference between SEO and SEM

Do you know what is the difference between SEO and SEM? You may be asking yourself SEM versus SEO. Which if either of these do I need to help grow my business or my youtube channel. So today we will talk about SEO and SEM and which one is good for your business.

So SEM means Search Engine Marketing, also called pay per click. Which is PVC or paid traffic that’s the advertising side, and then you have SEO, which means search engine optimization or organic traffic is more of the name.

Organic traffic is when you hop onto Google and type in something and the first couple results that show up that’s considered organic traffic. The goal of SEO is to get you to rank in those top spots because if you’re not at the top, that means there is an 80% chance that you will not get any traffic.

Now Google is not the only place where there’s organic traffic if you have a YouTube channel and you hop on YouTube. The same thing types in some search something you’re interested in, and those results that show up are the organic results.

So the goal of SEO again is to get you up there because that’s going to get you in front of more eyeballs and get more attention and more traffic to your content or your website.

So with online marketing or really marketing in general what we’re trying to do is leverage a combination of time effort in money to capture A. Now A doesn’t stand for Apple A stands for Attention because if you do not have the attention of your prospect, there’s no way anything else is going to happen.

If they’re not you know looking at your content, then there’s no way they’re going to subscribe and eventually become a customer or watch your next videos if you are on Youtube. It’s all about capturing attention in this day and age.

I don’t think I have to tell you how busy people are in the sense that five million things are competing for our attention every day. So it’s getting harder and harder to get even just a little bit of this. Now the difference of this combination when we’re using pay-per-click versus SEO.

What is the Difference between SEO and SEM

The big thing to think about is this one right which is time, and it’s time to feedback because with SEO whether it’s YouTube videos or your website you’re going to spend some money learning either how to do it or hiring a consultant or agency to optimize your site and some effort in that.

Then you have to wait a long time to get feedback of:

A: Are we even getting ranked? Are your keywords are ranking on Google. If yes, then B thing.

B: Did we get ranked for the right keywords in other people who are coming from that keyword interested in taking the next business step of the next level with us.

Whereas with pay-per-click, you still have to spend money not only on the ad cost but also potentially for hiring any agency or learning how to do it yourself. Same with the effort, but the time to feedback is instantaneous almost within a couple of hours.

You can have an ad up running in front of people, and whether or not they respond to it, ie give you some of their attention. That’s going to let you know that you’re on the right track or you’re on the right or the wrong path. So don’t think of it’s not about you know SEO versus pay-per-click.

Which one should I use that’s not the way to approach it instead of think of them both as tools in your marketing. I’ll go over a little more for each of these buckets but leading off or using paid advertising as your spearhead to punch through and confirm yes, these keywords are the ones that convert well.

Now that we’ve proven that very quickly with paid traffic. Let’s go ahead and make the longer-term play an investment with search engine optimization. Especially if you’re a Solopreneur and you’re making less than six figures you are basically figuring out how to sell or confirming that the market wants what you’re trying to sell.

So you are pretty much doing this all by yourself and you’re really not even going to be. I wouldn’t even suggest bothering with SEO. Right now because you need feedback that’s what you need right here is you need feedback to find out how do I adjust my message, how do I adjust my targeting and who I’m going after to get.

It validated in the sense that I’m getting attention and I’m getting people to open their walls because they can understand that I can help them and they believe me etc. So that’s kind of the main focus for the Sola premier. So I would say you know it’s a 100% pay per click.

Now if you are a business owner I would suggest you use 80% pay per click and 20% investment on SEO where you’re either hiring a consultant or an agency or you have someone in-house that’s focused on just you know ranking for your top keywords.

So you don’t need to rank for every single keyword just by this point. You should know which of your keywords are your money keywords and that’s what you want to be ranking on for that and with a content creator, it’s interesting.

Most of these guys have a content creator as well but it’s interesting that a lot of them and my experience is like auntie paid traffic because they think somehow it’s like not ethical or something which isn’t the case at all because you can’t pay anyone you can’t force anyone to watch your stuff you can pay to get an opportunity for them to see a little bit of your content if your content is not good.

Paid traffic gonna help you find out faster than nobody wants to watch your stuff. So especially when you’re new or starting out and this is a great thing about paid traffic are you can spend just like a dollar a day just to help get you some motivation.

If you have a new website or youtube channel you probably don’t have much traffic. Anyways this will give you some traffic to your audience. Well, these days most people are using influencer marketing. Because people love to watch their favorite heroes.

The question is why everyone is using influencer marketing instead of other sources?

Difference between SEO and SEM

The answer is here. Influencer Marketing performs and gives you better results instead of paid ads. Paid Ads run for a short time to period but if the ads you promote on influencers channel they still live until their channel or website is available on Google.

So it really with contact with the influencers that really can vary. You can invest in paid traffic if you believe that you really have great content and you don’t want to wait nine months for people to start finding it then you can start investing in paid traffic to get more people to your content to consume and enjoy it.

Now when we get to the enterprise level obviously we’ve got more than enough. We have to just a much bigger war chest to use but still, I would be looking probably at 70/30 paid traffic versus SEO. The difference is here with paid traffic because it’s a bigger war chest. I would start looking at doing not only Adwords & Facebook but also looking at hiring influencers and doing brand sponsorships with them.

Because that’s gonna actually feed into. When influencers create their content, if their content ranks than obviously our promotion also ranks. This is going to boost your site and it’s gonna help enterprise company to move faster because by nature you know Enterprise companies just generally move slower.

So with the speed of advertising and marketing and our everything’s changing online they tend to lag behind as far as on the innovative stuff. So that’s kind of a general overview of What’s the Difference between SEO & SEM.

It’s not so much one’s writer one’s wrong. It’s just kind of where are you currently in your growth phase with your with getting attention and then how much time effort and money are you willing to invest or do you want to invest.

So again I always would suggest in general if there was a blanket statement lead with pay-per-click let that be. The spearhead let that valet and confirm that yes people are interested in there and they’re giving you attention for whatever it is and then support and supplement that with SEO efforts alright

So I hope you found that helpful so please share it with others and also share it on social media, I will be very happy if you share this. For more amazing blog posts and information stay tuned and subscribe to notifications because that way when I will release a new article you will be notified.

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